Gifts for women who love travel

All I want for Christmas is… to be able to travel again (and an end to this virus!) But as I wait for Santa to grant that wish, I’ve found some more ideas for gifts for women who love travel – especially ones with a 2021 twist for women who wish they could travel.

Mini gifts on a beach by a toy deckchair and straw hat - my guide to the best gifts for women who love travel (or wish they could travel)
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Some will come in handy once travel opens up more again, some will help plan those trips (realistic or fantasy), others are designed to transport you away… at least for a short while.

There are some practical ideas, as well as options if you’re moving towards more responsible travel, but this year, I’ve got a big focus on something indulgent. Because while you can share this gift guide for women who love travel with your nearest and dearest, who doesn’t like a bit of self-gifting too… I think we all need a treat after the past year or so!

Stocking fillers (under £20)

Eye mask & homewares

I’ve been conscious of trying to support some of my favourite family attractions which have been hit by lockdowns, restrictions and reduced visitors recently – even if I haven’t been able to visit, there’s often something tempting in their online shop.

Sloth eye masks from London Zoo shop, a fun stocking filler for women who love travel

In the case of London Zoo, I’d happily take most of their shop home – not least this cute sloth eye mask. Also handy for plane travel in the future.

If you’re not a fan of sloths, how about another animal – try this penguin mug (also available in giraffe, tiger, flamingo, meerkat and elephant) or zebra notebook to use to write travel wishlists, or keep a journal once you do escape.

Travel jewellery

What better souvenir of your holiday than a bracelet which reminds you of all your favourite places, every day – El Camino bracelets are perfect for avid travellers, as you can personalise them to your own globetrotting history.

Once you’ve got the bracelet to start, each circular bead or ‘step’ slides on to create an individual piece of travel jewellery.

And as well as stainless steel country steps, costing £10.99, you can choose cities and regions, plus your own custom options, oceans, seas, animals and adventure themed options such as waves, planes and mountains.

El Camino bracelet on sand, showing different silver country and city steps, as well as coloured glass beads and coconut spacers - a perfect gift for women who love travel

There are also spacers, using sustainably sourced woods and coconut, priced £6.99 for a pack of four.

Admittedly I’m cheating slightly here as a stocking filler, because the original bracelet costs from £26.99, but once you’ve started a collection, it’s easy to add new steps each year, or there are gift vouchers available too.

A scarf

I never travel without at least one scarf, and it’s often my souvenir of choice too – you can wear it at home for now, but if you buy a lightweight one, it can eventually double as sarong, mini blanket and even a towel on holiday, at a push.

Hush always has gorgeous prints – there’s a fun colourful twist on a leopard-print scarf among the range at the moment.

The Lina & Lily range also has some really quirky prints and colours, for something a bit different (elephants or hedgehogs, anyone?).

Map print luggage tag - a great stocking filler in my Christmas gift guide for women who love travel

Luggage tag

It’s an old favourite but you can never have too many luggage tags – mine always seem to vanish between trips, plus it’s a good way to make your case stand out on the carousel.

I also love a map print, especially a vintage or retro one, so this Sass & Belle world map luggage tag is perfect.

Or you can find gorgeous prints like Opal flower prints from Ted Baker, a seasidey shell tag from Cath Kidston, as well as ones decorated with planes.

How about your own personalised version? Joules has several options to add your initials or these stainless steel versions come in rose gold and also let you customise with your initials.

And if you really want to make others think twice before they accidentally pick up your suitcase, it’s hard to beat these fun eye-catching options from Rubywoo & Chilli.

Virtual travel gifts

Magazine subscription

If you can’t travel, you can still dream and plan – and how better than by losing yourself in travel stories from around the world (if you fancy whisking yourself to the deserts of Oman and the mangroves of Cambodia for free, you can also do that here)

National Geographic Traveller is one of my favourites (my daughter has her own subscription to Nat Geo Kids!), along with Wanderlust.

You can get magazine subscriptions to both, plus Conde Nast Traveller, Coast and more on sites like isubscribe.

Pile of magazines with brightly coloured open pages - a subscription to a travel magazine is the perfect gift for women who love to travel

A coffee table book

There’s nothing like a gorgeous glossy travel book for a bit of wanderlust – The Travel Book from Lonely Planet is always one of my favourites, with fabulous photos, quirky facts and details about every country in the world.

Or Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List 2 picks out the 500 best places on the planet to visit. Perfect for some armchair travel planning.

If you’re trying to work out what needs to be on your bucket list after this (mostly) travel-free year, The Bucket List has ideas for 1,000 different adventures to try, some of which you could even attempt in the middle of a lockdown.

Or there’s Destinations of Lifetime from National Geographic, with 225 of the world’s most amazing places, as well as Unforgettable Journeys, with glorious photos of 200 inspirational trips around the globe.

If it’s diving and the earth’s underwater landscapes that you miss, Blue Planet II is still unbeatable.

And I love the Atlas of Beauty – combining some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes with portraits of 500 women from around the world: a reminder of the many cultures yet to discover, as well as the fact that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Essential oil diffuser with a framed print saying 'adventure' behind it - one of my top gifts for women who love travel this year

The scent of a holiday

There’s nothing that transports you across space and time quite as fast as fragrance – a sudden whiff of aftersun, tropical fruit, even the perfume you wore that one memorable holiday.

It’s something which is very individual but an essential oil diffuser is a great start – this diffuser reminds me of trips to north Africa with its Moroccan-influenced design too.

A few drops of oil in the water is all you need, so it’s easy to experiment and find your perfect blend. This essential oil set contains 10 different fragrances, including coconut, mango, passionfruit and watermelon (practically a Caribbean cocktail).

Or there are some fabulous scented candles: the Diptyque range is properly indulgent and includes mimosa, lavender or Figuier to conjure up the scent of fig trees.

True Grace Village Seashore and the Library of Scent Seashells candles even promise to transport you to the coast.

London map in turquoise from Mapiful against a map print duvet - one of the gifts for women who love travel that I recommend

A travel print

The walls of my home are covered with travel prints and maps (in fact, if anything sits still long enough I try to find a map print cover or some kind of travel theme to it). So I think a print for the walls is something you can never have enough of.

Check out Mapiful, which lets you create some gorgeous personalised maps – choosing a specific destination that’s special to you, or your home city for example, as well as different styles, colours, frames and more.

There are also star maps and some cool text art – how about your favourite photo created in the words ‘I love travel’? Check out the full Mapiful range here, plus there’s 10% off with code MAPIQ4.

Maps International has some gorgeous options too – classic world maps galore, including vintage versions but you can also find these beautiful art maps for cities around the world.

Or make it more personal with a reminder of a favourite trip, whether that’s backpacking in South East Asia or driving Route 66, as well as a personalised postcode map.

Picture of the Fujifilm X-A3 mirrorless camera next to a beach print - my review of this as an alternative to a smartphone or DSLR

Or you can find a huge range of vintage travel prints – some genuine retro poster designs, others done in that style, which I find very tempting.

I love the Tabitha Mary range and have a print of Gugh Sand Bar on St Agnes in the Isles of Scilly as a reminder of our trip, but could happily plaster my home with the rest of the collection.

You can find plenty in similar styles if you have a particular location in mind: everything from great Cornwall prints including Padstow to this dramatic print of Berlin or a fantastic retro shot of Sydney.

A photobook

I love looking through old photos, but most of them find themselves gathering dust in my computer’s hard drive rather than added to an album – someone creating a photo album for me would be a real gift to treasure.

A gift voucher to encourage me to make my own is a good second best.

Sites like and  Photobox make it really easy, with flexible designs and easy uploading too, and you can buy gift cards too (including digital ones for last-minute panic gifts!)

Cover of my new Cheerz photobook, stacked on a couple of other photo albums - my new family travel essential for preserving memories

Gifts for 2022 travel

There are plenty of practical gifts that every traveller needs – but while packing cubes and portable chargers are always handy, they don’t really say treat.

Travel document holder

These might still sound more practical than pampering, but if you’re forever scrabbling round looking for boarding passes and worrying about lost passports, having a travel document holder makes you feel stylish (even with jetlag) and is hugely useful.

Especially given the extra paperwork you need to travel these days, from passenger locator forms to proof of vaccination and test!

Not on the High Street has a fabulous range including these bright recycled leather travel wallets, vegan leather wallets that you can personalise with your own wording, or this gorgeous stylish leather wallet with your own initials and room for all the travel documents you might need.

If you love an eye-catching print, this Sara Miller orchard wallet has space for passport, currency, boarding pass and a handy zip pocket.

My green Mini Jen bag on the table outside a villa in Tuscany as the sun sets - my Mia Tui hand luggage review

Hand luggage bag

You can never have too many bags – and my favourites double as a shoulder bag at home as well as away.

I’ve got several designs from the Mia Tui range, including the Mini Jen, one of the travel bag collection, which all have a pocket on the back to slip over the handles of your suitcase.

A hammam towel

Far better than any travel towel I’ve tried, hammam towels come in gorgeous colours, fold up small, get every softer the more you use them… no surprise that my collection is constantly growing. 

The yellow and turquoise combination of this hammam towel makes me think of sun and sea, but you can pick from almost every colour combination – I love this tempting sea green, blue and turquoise version too.

Hammam towels on a lounger by a turquoise swimming pool, weighted down by a coconut - a great present for women who love to travel

A tech organiser

Like a travel documents wallet, it’s something which doesn’t immediately seem exciting but would get a lot of use.

Between portable chargers, wires galore, earphones and more rattling around in hand luggage, it’s handy to have one piece of kit to organise the lot.

To make it more exciting to unwrap, find one that’s not purely functional – and ideally not basic black either: this Native Union Stow Organiser comes in a pale sage green as well, or the similarly sleek Thetag organiser has orange piping.

If it’s for someone who always travels with big headphones, this Thule organiser is another good option.

Voucher for travel

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves travel, the best gift has to be travel itself. Or a contribution towards their future travels, at least.

How about a gift voucher for a site like Get Your Guide with a whole string of tours and experiences?

If you’re likely to be staying closer to home, membership to English Heritage or National Trust guarantees some fun days out.

Or you can buy a complete experience from Tinggly – you could give a getaway, including a short break in the UK, as well as specific experiences.

If you’re not sure what they’ll love most (or where they’ll be able to go), Best in the World covers the world’s top 600 experiences, plus there’s also the taste the world gift for foodie travellers.

Thing blue wrapped gift with silver ribbon - vouchers are a great gift for women who love travel with options for home and abroad

Responsible travel gifts

There’s more to responsible travel than a reusable water bottle – although a Larq self-cleaning purifying water bottle is always a good option.

The question of how to travel more responsibly and sustainably has been growing ever more important for many regular travellers – and the pandemic has brought home just how travel impacts the world for both good and bad.

For anyone who wait to get travelling again but is worried about the carbon footprint, sites like Ecologi have gift options to benefit eco-friendly programmes, including tree planting.

If you’re looking to support communities who’ve been badly affected by the loss of tourism, I’m a big fan of Lendwithcare which helps people work their way out of poverty through loans.

A relatively small amount can make a huge difference, and you can choose particular countries or to lend to female entrepreneurs.


The best gifts for women who love travel (or who wish they could travel) - my guide with ideas for presents for women who love to travel, from stocking fillers to gifts for your next trip, and plenty to satisfy some wanderlust

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