Disclosure policy

I always aim to disclose as clearly as possible any content which has been sponsored, is part of a paid collaboration, contains affiliate links or for which I have received some kind of compensation. All the content on MummyTravels is written and edited by me, and is my own honest opinion – I won’t feature brands that I haven’t tried or wouldn’t recommend.

Woman's hand holding a golden metal megaphone against a turquoise background - my disclosure policy for MummyTravels, how I disclose paid collaborations and brand work

Disclosure policy for MummyTravels: in practice

Any content where I work with a company for review or as a paid collaboration will make it clear both towards the top of the post and in the end disclosure.

The Advertising Standard Agency’s rules may also require posts to be marked as ‘ad’ or ‘advertising feature’ based on ASA guidance for bloggers and digital influencers released on 28 September 2018 – this can apply even if I haven’t been paid, but in cases where (for example) I’ve stayed at a hotel in order to review it.

Before the new guidance, content was still disclosed but I have used various terms over the years to try to comply with changing guidance and to stay transparent – including usually marked as ‘compiled in association with’, ‘sponsored’ or ‘collaboration’ or otherwise clearly stated within the post (especially for unpaid trips or review products).

In all cases, the final post is my own opinion. I won’t write positive things simply because I’m working with a company, it will always be relevant to the travel and parenting themes of the blog and I retain final copy approval on all posts.

Bottom line? You should always know if and how I’m working with a company or brand – but content marked *Advertisement feature* or #ad does not necessarily mean I have been paid money for the promotion or that I’m being paid to say nice things.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further or it’s ever unclear.

Reviews and affiliate links on MummyTravels

Review products are also disclosed as are any affiliate/associate schemes. If you click some of the links on the blog and go on to buy, it doesn’t affect your purchase but I might get a few pennies in commission – thank you!

I am a member of several affiliate schemes and posts containing affiliate links are marked as such towards the top (or on individual links if that is clearer) and disclosed at the bottom. Not all links in a post with disclosure will necessarily be affiliate links.

Affiliate image links and banners, for example on the side of the page, are not marked in the same way but are clearly advertising as you will be familiar from on other websites.

These links are all for sites I have shopped or would shop at, but you can always search directly on the store’s site.

As an Amazon Associate and Amazon Influencer I earn from qualifying purchases. As above, these links are all disclosed. And if you do want some more ideas, you can also see a list of some of my favourite products on my Amazon Influencer shop by clicking here.

As an Airbnb Associate, I earn when you book through my links.

Disclaimer & other important stuff

Content, video and images are copyright Cathy Winston unless credited otherwise. This may not be used elsewhere without express permission, even if credited.

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