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Whether you’re a reader, a brand or just generally sociable, I’m always happy to hear from you. For more about me, click here, while you can read my disclosure policy here – there’s also an overview below.

If you want to work with me, I have a dedicated page on that or if you’re looking for my media pack, please contact me with one of the methods below.

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Need to know & disclosure policy

I don’t accept guest posts for the site, but I am interested in relevant sponsored content.

Any content where I am working with a company for review or as a paid collaboration, will make it clear both towards the top of the post and in the end disclosure, usually marked as ‘compiled in association with’ or ‘collaboration’ or clearly within the post.

ASA rules may also require posts to be marked as ‘ad’ or ‘advertising feature’ – this can apply even if I haven’t been paid and when I retain full editorial control, but in cases where (for example) I’ve stayed at a hotel in order to review it.

In all cases, the final post is my honest opinion. I won’t write positive things simply because I’m working with a company, it will always be relevant to the travel and parenting themes of the blog and I retain final copy approval on all posts. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further or check out my full disclosure policy.

Review products are also disclosed and I’m part of several affiliate/associate schemes so if you click some of the links on the blog and go on to buy, it doesn’t affect your purchase but I might get a few pennies – thank you! These are all sites I have or would shop at, but you can always search directly on the store’s site.

I also work with brands, from tourist boards to car manufacturers and sunglasses ranges, including previous brand ambassador work with Yeo Valley and Superdrug. Everything on the site is my own unbiased opinion unless specifically credited to someone else.

Disclaimer & other important stuff
Content, video and images are copyright Cathy Winston unless credited otherwise. This may not be used elsewhere without express permission, even if credited.

All posts are original and any paid-for content is disclosed, as above. Review products are clearly disclosed. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This site uses cookies for tracking and analysis but you can decline these using your browser by changing your settings. There’s more information at

You can see my privacy policy with details of how your data might be stored if you click here.




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