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Antigua with young kids: 14 reasons to visit Antigua

It’s not hard to tempt someone to Antigua with kids. From our previous trips, I know how family-friendly the Caribbean is and with winter looming, I didn’t take much persuading to swap autumn for sun, sea and sand.

14 reasons to visit Antigua with young kids - sun, sand, sea and beyond the beach
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But while those improbably turquoise seas are as enticing (and turquoise) as the photos, it’s definitely worth dragging yourself away from the beach to discover what else Antigua has to offer, even for those travelling with a toddler or preschooler.

Because while there are more adrenaline thrills and underwater adventures if you don’t have a three-year-old, here are my 14 reasons to visit Antigua with young kids.

Antigua’s beaches

There are far more things to do in Antigua with kids than simply discovering the powdery soft sand and unfeasibly clear water, but you can’t miss the beaches entirely.

And with 365 beaches – famously one for every day of the year – you won’t be short of somewhere to relax by the waves.

If you’re visiting Antigua with toddlers, lovely Long Bay has shallow water so clear that you can walk out to reefs and see the fish without needing a snorkel – useful when you’ve got a three-year-old who won’t consider a mask.

Boat trips

One of the best ways to see the island is by cruising around its coast, and there are plenty of family-friendly options for boat trips in Antigua.

We took a half-day trip with SeaEscapes hopping around the coast before a stop at Deep Bay for lunch and a swim.

The glass-bottomed boat is another bonus with little ones who can’t swim, as they can still get a feel for the marine life.

Sea Escapes boat moored in clear turquoise water - 14 reasons to visit Antigua with young kids

The snorkelling

Whether you choose the shallow rocks and reef of Long Bay – perfect for wandering out to with a preschooler who can’t yet swim or snorkel – or the deeper water on our SeaEscapes voyage, there are some incredible fish and corals.

My three-year-old is already fascinated by the undersea world but until she’s more confident in the water, snorkelling is off the table for now, so it was fantastic to give her a view of the fish without going to an aquarium – big tick if you’re visiting Antigua with toddler too.

View of a snorkeller through the glass bottom of a boat - 14 reasons to visit Antigua with young kids

The stingrays

One of my favourite experiences on Antigua was swimming with stingrays on a shallow sandbank at Stingray City.

Free to come and go, they’re very happy to float over to hoover up squid and there’s a small deck for any small people who want a taste of the experience without getting into the water.

The views

Shirley Heights is the most famous viewpoint, overlooking English Harbour, but the limestone peaks around the island give great views out to the Caribbean, curving sandy bays and the neighbouring islands.

A view down to the bay at English Harbour - 14 reasons to visit Antigua with young kids

The Devil’s Bridge

The ocean crashes up through this blowhole in the rocks on the east side of the island, wearing away the cliff to create a narrow bridge.

Even at a distance, it’s impressive for kids (and adults!) to watch as it suddenly blasts upwards in an eruption of spray.

Check out the video for a shot of it in action!

Antigua’s history

Nelson’s Dockyard dates back to the 18th century, and was once home to Nelson himself as well as being a key naval base for the British fleet.

Today there’s a museum among the restaurants and hotels too, and while the combination of cobbles and jetlag sent my daughter off to sleep in her buggy, there’s enough to capture a three-year-old’s interest here as well.

The landmarks

Another remnant of Antigua’s past, the windmills once used on sugar plantations still dot the hills, including Betty’s Hope.

One of the earliest plantations on the island, there’s more information across the site – one of the mill towers has its sails restored, but it’s worth a stop even just to look at the buildings.

Windmill at former sugar plantation Betty's Hope - 14 reasons to visit Antigua with young kids

Antigua’s picturesque capital

St John’s, on the island’s west coast, is a mix of bright pastel colours and a historic 19th century cathedral, which replaced two previous buildings destroyed in earthquakes.

There was work going on in the grounds when we visited, but you can wander through the old cemetery, as well as past the boutiques and shops of the town.

The culture

From the earliest Amerindians to British colonisation, one of the best ways to discover the island’s history is at the Museum of Antigua & Barbuda in St John’s, with some sobering exhibits on slavery too.

A small museum, there’s nothing particularly for young kids but older kids will appreciate more of the impact of the exhibits, and it’s easy to wander around.

Exhibit on slavery at the museum in St John's - 14 reasons to visit Antigua with young kids

Caribbean food and drink

Fish, seafood, creole spices and fruit galore to try mean you’ll find fantastic food whether you’re eating in your resort or stopping to pick something up while you’re exploring.

I always love finding conch fritters (even if Minnie is less tempted!) Plus the rum-packed daiquiris, obviously… and a virgin strawberry version for my daughter.

Frozen strawberry drink at Verandah resort - 14 reasons to visit Antigua with young kids

The weather

Exactly what you picture when you think of the Caribbean… blue skies, gentle breezes and sun. Around eight hours of sun per day, in fact, and even in the rainiest months the showers are normally brief.

Plus it’s warm enough to swim in the sea year-round. Enough said… Bliss!

Palm tree against a blue sky - the weather is one my 14 reasons to visit Antigua with young kids

The atmosphere

Chilled-out, welcoming and ultra-relaxing. There’s always a warm welcome in the Caribbean but you can turn the warmth up a few notches when you’re travelling as a family.

Kids are never too much trouble here, which helps make it an even more relaxing experience for parents.

Chilling out under a palm umbrella - 14 reasons to visit Antigua with young kids

The places to stay

I stayed at Verandah Resort & Spa in the east of the island, part of the Elite Island Resorts group – several of the resorts on Antigua are family-friendly but this was great for a visit to Antigua with young kids.

It’s all-inclusive, which makes it perfect for families, including some great watersports to try and two beaches, along with pools (one of which is the biggest on the island) and a kids’ club.

Check out my full review of Verandah resort here

**First published 2015, updated 2020**


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