Helping kids’ water confidence with Zoggs swimwear

My daughter has recently decided she hates swimming. Or, to be more precise, she hates swimming lessons. She still loves being in the water, as long as she can play, splash and generally enjoy the water – but kids’ water confidence is never helped by a slightly fraught teaching experience.

My daughter in her new Zoogs swimming costume with pool toys in the Isle of Wight - my family travel essentials and fun buys for August

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So my goal over the summer (apart from finding her a new set of swimming lessons where the teacher wouldn’t change every week) has been how to rediscover the fun of swimming – and build her confidence along the way.

With impeccable timing, Zoggs got in touch to ask us to check out their kids’ swimwear and holiday shop. And if there was a range designed to boost kids’ water confidence, this is it – from practical but fun aids like Zoggs diving sticks to the DC Superheroes range, and some very cute swimwear.

So with our trips to the Isle of Wight and the West Sussex coast, as well as visits to the local leisure centre pool if the sun didn’t shine, operation ‘swimming is fun’ got underway.

First up, the perfect costume. After years in swimwear designed to protect her baby skin from the sun or two pieces for emergency toilet dashes post-potty training, my six-year-old is very proud to be wearing ‘grown-up’ swimming costumes.

Despite being tempted by the Wonder Woman swimdress (who could be more water confident than Woman Woman?), being grown up meant we needed something in a bigger size – so with some other products from the Zoggs DC Superheroes collection already on the list, we stuck with the main kids’ swimwear.

I loved the fact that there are lots of different styles in similar prints, whether you’re looking for frills, classic scoopbacks or something in between. Butterflies always get the thumbs up from Minnie, so the Wild Classicback swimsuit was a winner while I loved the retro styling of the Holiday classicback swimsuit.

My daughter on the beach in West Sussex wearing the Zoggs Holiday swimsuit from the kids holiday shop collection - helping kids' water confidence with Zoggs diving sticks and other swimming aids

Even rarer, one swimming cossie had a yes from us both: the Pears Ruffle X back swimsuit with its cool vintagey print.

And in a sea of often pink-only choices, Zoggs has a lot more variety for girls without ever being too plain. Swimming, after all, is supposed to be fun!

Next essential was goggles. We’ve had Zoggs kids goggles for years – unlike other brands which let in water or pinch her face, buying her first pair led to the first time she’d happily put her face in the water. But even the fun designs of the main range were no match for…. Superman!

Would Superman (or Supergirl) be worried at the thought of floating on his back in the water? I don’t think so. Nor did my six-year-old. Admittedly he may not have passed on superpowers when it comes to learning to swim, but who wouldn’t feel ready to take on the world with these beauties on?

Even the man of steel needs the occasional helping hand. At which point, we recruited the seals… Zoggs diving sticks, one of the range of swimming aids designed for children learning to swim. There are also products for those starting to swim and more confident swimmers, so it’s easy to pick something for every level.

My daughter holds two Zoggs diving sticks and one of the Justice League super squirters - helping kids' water confidence with Zoggs swimming aids

Zoggs products are also available from Amazon – click here to visit the Zoggs store

Time for a rescue mission! With both the seal diving sticks and Zoggy dive rings in our arsenal, Minnie splashed ever longer distances, pushing herself to swim under the water to reach down and retrieve the seals. Which, in true six-year-old imaginative fashion, soon became the central characters in a complicated plot involving magic, death-defying feats and a mermaid/queen who saved the day.

Brightly coloured, easy to spot underwater, throw and grab, you can stand the sticks on end to make them easier to pick up or lie them down to encourage kids to swim that little bit further to grasp them from the bottom of the pool. Plus the water runs out of the bottom afterwards in a way designed to delight a sniggering six-year-old…

I stood back and marvelled at the difference something so simple could make, dodged the occasional flying ring thrown rather too enthusiastically and wished the day was slightly sunnier so we could have stayed in longer.

Because with the Justice League Supersoakers and our Batman Surf Rider to keep Minnie entertained once the lure of diving briefly wore off, we could have spent hours making up games.

And instead of crossness and frustration all round, reluctant to try any of those skills acquired after so many months to keep her safe in the water, there were giggles. The only annoyance was at my insistence that we really did need to get out now, as Minnie’s teeth began to chatter.

With a (hopefully) sunny week ahead at half term, I’m already reserving space in the suitcase for the seal army – and eyeing up the women’s swimwear in the holiday shop for myself (hurrah for somewhere selling swimwear in October!)

There might not be flawless backstroke by then (from either of us!) but with seals and superheroes on our side, I’m confident that we’re on the way – in style!


Helping to boost kids' water confidence with Zoggs - tips for finding the fun in swimming lessons, with swimming aids including Zoggs diving sticks and the Zoggs DC Superheroes collection. #zoggs #swimmingaids #dcswimwear

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