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Coram’s Fields: Play park in central London

London is full of hidden spaces, especially unexpected green areas – gardens in squares, mini wildernesses tucked away and parks even in the heart of Zone 1. But unless you have kids (and perhaps even then), you probably won’t have come across Coram’s Fields. 

One of the play areas at Coram's Fields - a free park and playground, with city farm in central London

Not least because you’re not allowed in unless you’re visiting with a child. It’s been on my vague plan of days out since I first came across it a couple of years ago.

Now Minnie’s a bit older, I thought it would be great to combine with the British Museum and the perfect option to let her run off some energy. So that’s exactly what we did.

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Sign at Corams Fields in London showing no adults allowed except with a child

When the sun finally came out between storms, I was determined to have some time out of the house.

Minnie was thrilled to be going on the ‘train’ again (aka the tube) and before too long we were at Russell Square station, a short walk to Coram’s Fields in the east before wandering to the British Museum about the same distance west.

The site itself is a charity, with seven acres of park and playground plus a children’s centre, cafe, sports’ areas and a city farm – we ended up spending so long on the different play areas that we didn’t even find the latter, let alone have chance to visit unlike Wander mum.

My daughter wrapped up against the cold in the play area at Corams Fields in London

Even better, there are lots of different play areas for different ages with some gentle ones for toddlers right up to more adventurous ones for older kids.

On a chilly February day (despite the sun), it wasn’t particularly busy so Minnie worked her way around section by section.

Finally at the end, there’s a mini zip wire (fascinating to my three-year-old but she wasn’t about to try herself) and various games and puzzles, various sound makers plus huge metal tubes which act like a xylophone when you hit them. That, unsurprisingly, was a big hit.

In summer, there’s a water pump and planned water play fountains too, plus sand galore around the swings, slides, roundabouts and climbing equipment.

The small sand table, on the other hand, seemed to be empty although that might have had something to do with the small boy sitting in it.

From an adult perspective there are also lots of benches to sit, adult and child toilets and some great coffee at the little cafe to help me thaw out.

Despite layering up coats and gloves against the chill, Minnie still decided it wasn’t too cold to have ice-cream, especially when she discovered the selection included ‘green’ ice-cream (otherwise known as mint choc chip).

As it’s enclosed, with one gate in and out, it also feels very safe for kids running around. There’s a very relaxed feel as well, you could easily forget you’re in the centre of a big city, and it’s evidently simply the local park for many people – partly because a lot of Londoners have never heard of it either.

And if a few areas could do with a bit of love – it is free and supported by donations, after all – it’s great to escape from the bustle if you’re nearby.

Coram’s Fields: Need to know

The entrance to Coram’s Fields is on Guilford Street, and it’s open from 9am to dusk. Russell Square is the closest tube, although it’s within about 15 minutes’s walk of King’s Cross, Holborn and Chancery Lane too, and around 10 minutes from the British Museum.

Don’t be tempted to skip the lifts and take the stairs at Russell Square – there are over 170…


Coram's Fields London - a free park, play areas and city farm in the heart of central London. Only for children and families, it's perfect to combine with a trip to the British Museum #londonwithkids #londonplaygrounds #mummytravels

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  1. I don’t think we’ve ever been there, though to be fair, since we live in Cornwall, every time we go to London, we always sort of have a set itinerary. This park though looks really perfect for little ones. Will keep the name in mind, next time we go, especially if the weather is good 🙂

    1. Understandable! If you’re visiting, I think there’s plenty which I’d suggest families see first in London, but it’s a nice one to know about if you’re nearby – or everyone needs a quick break from sightseeing.

  2. Is there an AstroTurf Hockey pitch there? I feel like I’ve played a hockey match there at some point!

    Lovely park, so hard to find these spaces in the Centre of the city. Roll on summer when those water pumps are going!x

    1. There was definitely a big pitch towards the middle/top although we didn’t head all the way up – almost certainly Astroturf although I think they were playing football at the weekend.

  3. My sister lives in London with her 3 children, and when we have gone to visit I have been amazed with all of the hidden gems London has to offer. I usually think of it from a tourists point of view, Palace, Bridge, Tower etc. I am not sure if she has ever been to Coram’s Fields though, I am going to forward her this link!

    I love the fact that adults must be accompanied by children, such a nice touch!!

    Leah xx

    1. It’s lovely, isn’t it – really adds to the atmosphere I think that everyone is with kids. And London is just crammed with little secret spots: I love still doing walking tours, for example, as I always seem to learn something new.

  4. Wow, I genuinely had no idea this was here! What a great tip for the next time I’m heading into London and need to let my toddler blow off some steam! Love the sound of the little farm as well and the water fountains for the summer.

    1. I can’t believe I’d lived here for over a decade before I first even heard about it. And lovely if you’re visiting with toddlers/preschoolers particularly I think, as central London can get pretty overwhelming.

  5. I’ve never heard of it, but I haven’t worked in London for years and then I didn’t have children. I think it’s really nice you’re only allowed in there if you have children as it keeps it special.

  6. I am so pleased you shared this, I lived in London for years and didn’t know this place existed. Definitely need to check it out, it looks great! thanks for sharing x

  7. A park just for families, that sounds amazing! I didn’t know such a thing existed. It’s things like this that make me want to live in London. I will definitely visit when we go to London next year!

  8. What a fantastic park to have just for families! I often visit that part of London but didn’t know the park was there. Will have to pencil in for our next visit 🙂 #countrykids

    1. It would be so easy to walk past, I think, and it’s on a fairly quiet road so even with all the times I’ve wandered around that area I don’t think I’ve ever even been on the street before. Not the last time though!

  9. What a great place to be able to visit, it’s great that it’s so family orientated. All the play areas look perfect for lettings kids have some freedom without worrying about them running off. I bet Minnie wants to get back there in the summer and make the most of the water fountains. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids

    1. It is great – we’re not quite close enough to pop in whenever we fancy (it’s about 45 mins including the tube ride) but I’m planning some more visits!

  10. This park sounds amazing for little children. My two girls would love it. It sounds like a real hidden gem

    1. It’s fantastic – I couldn’t get over the fact there were four or five separate play areas either (nor could my daughter!) which meant it never seemed too crowded either.

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