Caribbean, How to do it

5 reasons to take a Caribbean cruise with a child

A Caribbean cruise might not seem like the obvious holiday to take with a young child but having sailed around the islands with my own toddler, it’s actually a fantastic way to travel.

Palm-fringed white sand and turquoise sea on a Caribbean beach

Here are my five reasons why you should consider Caribbean cruises, with family-friendly companies such as Thomson offering six stops in seven nights on their cruise itineraries.

1. The Caribbean welcome
You’ll get a warm welcome whatever age you are but kids are doted upon here – every restaurant is family-friendly

2. Beach after beach
My daughter loves exploring, often places I wouldn’t instantly think are child-friendly. But what she really wants from her holiday is a beach, ideally one with ice cream that’s perfect for paddling and sandcastles. I’m enjoying the novelty of getting to lie back and relax in the sun in the meantime!


3. Effortless exploring
There is no way I’d consider fitting half a dozen countries into a week if I was travelling with a child. On a cruise, it’s a great way to get a taste of a destination, then move on without the stress of trains, planes, automobiles and packing.

4. Resort facilities
You might be at sea but you’ll have all the facilities you’d expect on dry land – a kids’ club, pool, restaurants, bars, entertainment, a spa… I’ve stayed at hotels with less. Here’s a few things to bear in mind though.

5. The food (and drink)
Loads of fresh exotic fruit is usually a definite hit, but cruise ships also specialise in a massive range of cuisines plus buffets and flexible dining. So however fussy your child and whatever their routine, there’ll be something they’ll love – and a willingness to create something off-menu if you need it as well.


Compiled in association with Thomson*