Review: Go Jetters Jet Set Go

When my daughter is older, she’d like to see the moai on Easter Island. And snow monkeys in Japan. And komodo dragons. I’d like to claim it’s down to my expert parenting, teaching her about the world’s wonders. But actually, it’s all thanks to the Go Jetters.

My daughter reads the new Go Jetters: Jet Set Go Board book - my Go Jetters Jet Set Go review and giveaway

For those whose kids aren’t avid fans, the foursome – led by fabulous funky unicorn Ubercorn (don’t ask, this is kids’ TV) – fly around the world helping restore landmarks and monuments which have been affected by their inconsiderate nemesis Grandmaster Glitch.

As well as visiting London, Stonehenge and Loch Ness, they’ve jetted to Italy, India, the Great Wall of China, the Dead Sea and Senegal’s pink lake among others (an actual pink lake – even I’ve been learning plenty along the way).

Not only has it been inspiring our own travels – realising that my London-born girl had seen Big Ben on TV before seeing it in real life for starters – I love the way they fuel her curiosity about the world, as well as reminding her about our own impact, for good or ill. Although I have never dropped custard in the Dead Sea like a certain grandmaster…

We’ve already bought Go Jetters: Go Colour and Passport to Adventure, which both came to Cambodia with us as essential entertainment

So I knew how excited she’d be to get her hands on a copy of the new Go Jetters: Jet Set Go book which acts as an introduction to their cool vehicles and cunning gadgets, namely the Click-Ons which help solve more than a few sticky situations (including that custard).

As a board book, it’s also great for younger fans (or small siblings) – and inspired my five-year-old to break out her figures and mini landmarks, thinking up a series of daring escapades and mildly perilous adventures for them.

And as well as being sent one to review, I’ve got 10 to give away. No need to be an Ubercorn aficionado; if you’d like to enter, just think of a Glitchy landmark or monument that you’d most like to see restored – whether it’s a natural wonder or an ancient site suffering from the ravages of time, and comment using the widget below.

The final icing on the cake for fans (and parents of fans)? 50 new episodes and a 22-minute special have been commissioned as part of a second series… To the Vroomster!

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