Swimsuits for mums: buying swimwear online

November is not the first month which springs to mind to shop for a new swimsuit – I’m snuggled into a comfy jumper and furry slippers as I type.

Mother and daughter in hat and sunglasses at the beach, smiling with white sand behind them - swimsuits for mums, my shopping inspiration and tips on buying new swimwear in midwinter

But during our trip to Oman, I realised one of my two swimming costumes was looking literally worn out. And ‘about to rip’ is not a look I go for when it comes to swimwear!

With another winter sun escape planned for a few weeks’ time (exciting!), I’ve been looking online for a replacement – because even if the shops were full of swimwear in winter, who wants to stand shivering in a changing room when you could be trying them on at home?

Besides, swimwear websites have so much more choice: I’ve been browsing SimplyBeach which has some really fun patterns and retro designs for its bikinis and more realistically a whole section of tummy control swimwear (as I have also started on the mince pies).

In this section alone, there’s loads of choice for different styles – some have skirts, sleeves and high-necks (useful when my daughter starts grabbing wildly if she thinks she’s going under) not to mention high-waisted briefs if you’re more of a bikini/tankini person.

There’s also plenty for different budgets: one-pieces start from £36 (and one marked down at a bargain £29.40).

And thankfully plenty that aren’t black – as someone with very pale (and interesting) skin, it’s way too harsh a contrast for me in the sunshine. In this context, black definitely isn’t flattering but there are often surprisingly few alternatives.

Three models wearing different swimwear from SimplyBeach including high neck, halter neck and classic swimsuit styles - swimsuits for mums, my tips and inspiration on buying swimwear online in winter

So as I ponder which one I’m going to add to my collection, here are my top tips on picking the perfect swimsuits for mums…

Swimsuits for mums #1: be generous

Shoehorning yourself into a swimming costume that’s slightly too small is never fun – guaranteed to take the edge off my confidence, not to mention being impractical if you’re trying to do that while wrangling a small child.

If in doubt, go up a size – or buy both and send one back. Doublecheck the returns policy for swimwear, but when it’s a specialist site, you should be OK as long as all the tags and labels are still on.

Swimsuits for mums #2: be precise

If you wear a bigger cup size, there’s more swimwear these days that gives you the precise bra band and cup rather than a standard clothing size. Fantasie is great for practically sticking an underwired bra in the swimming cossie.

Swimsuits for mums #3: beware of red 

I’d always advise everyone to make sure you’ve got great sunscreen – nothing spoils a holiday like sunburn. And nothing shows off pink stripes like a red swimsuit… Greens and blue shades help fool the eye into it looking less lobster.

If you’re staying in the shade and scarlet’s your favourite colour, go for it though!

Three models wearing different swimwear from SimplyBeach including green and blue shades, with flower prints and patterned styles - swimsuits for mums, my tips and inspiration on buying swimwear online in winter

Swimsuits for mums #4: be first in

Life is way too short to be worrying about sucking your tummy in on a sun lounger (especially if you can get a swimsuit that does it for you). So I’m trying to take a leaf out of my daughter’s book: she’s so keen to get down to the pool or beach that her only concern is whether we’ve got her array of essential sand and swim toys, not what swimsuit she’s got on.

Bright colours, big splashy flowers, fun prints? Bring them on. The holiday starts here…


Choosing the perfect swimsuits for mums - my top tips on what to look for, from swimwear style and size to colour as well as getting inspiration online. Because who likes a chilly changing room #swimsuit #swimwear #simplybeach #bestswimwear #mummytravels Image credit: shalamov/


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