Booking a last-minute holiday? Why St Lucia tops the list…

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The school holidays are here! Six glorious weeks stretching out ahead with no school – from my daughter’s point of view at least.

I have six glorious weeks following a very complicated hand-written spreadsheet/chart, trying to juggle childcare, work and a few breaks away. For various reasons, instead of one big break, we’re planning short escapes to try to see some of those UK destinations I keep saying we must visit.

Sign reading 'last minute' with a sunny swimming pool in the background - booking a last-minute holiday and discovering where we choose

If I’m honest, it’s also partly down to my last-minute nature – various ideas for trips didn’t quite come off, so I’m making the most of being spontaneous and going where the wind and the last-minute deals take us. Apparently, it’s not just me…

Google has found that last-minute holiday searches are up 269% month on month – some people even booking a last-minute holiday the day before they depart (a step too far even for me, I suspect).

And it turns out that where you live influences where you pick – online travel agency loveholidays has analysed last-minute bookings from its customers all over the country to find out.

Londoners like myself are most likely to book a last-minute trip to St Lucia – a whopping 500% above average. We loved it there, so I definitely wouldn’t say no to that. Or returning to Jamaica and Sri Lanka, which take second and third place.

A view across the Caribbean to the Pitons in St Lucia - it's the top choice for Londoners who are booking a last-minute holiday

You can find out which destination is most popular for your area with their interactive travel trend finder – and some last-minute bargains as well.

It’s not all long-haul escapes either. The buzzing souks of Morocco appeal most to those in West Yorkshire this summer closely followed by Egypt and Turkey while over in North Yorkshire, Malta (and the US) top the list of last-minute holiday bookings, also a hit in Aberdeen and Cumbria respectively.

Liverpudlians love the beautiful Greek Islands – so much so that they’re three times more likely to book a last-minute break there than the rest of the country. Egypt and Morocco get the thumbs up too, but they’re less likely to head off to Cyprus, Mexico or Portugal when booking late in the day.

And Geordies have their sights set close to home too, with the Balearic Islands high on their list – it seems the traditional rivalry between Newcastle and Sunderland is reflected in holiday choices too, with Bulgaria as the most popular late holiday choice for the latter.

A view across the beach to the sea on the south coast of Gran Canaria - the Canary Islands are a favourite choice of Glaswegians booking a last-minute holiday

In Scotland, Glaswegians are twice as likely to book an escape to the Canary Islands than the national average, whilst it’s the US that’s the most popular choice for their neighbours in Edinburgh – unlike Italy, they’re six times less likely to book a last-minute escape there than the national average.

The further south you look, the further afield people like to travel. Mancunians love Barbados and are twice as likely to go there on a last-minute holiday than the country on average, while Brummies love a bit of Jamaica or the chance to visit Cuba, with its beautiful beaches and colourful classic cars.

And if I want to escape my fellow Londoners (not really), we’re least likely to book a last-minute break to the Dominican Republic and Croatia. Can’t imagine why, especially with deals like a week for £750 for Minnie and me. I feel a spontaneous booking coming on…

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