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I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite as out of my depth as the days after my daughter’s dramatic arrival – I remember looking at her in hospital, fast asleep, and thinking I had no real idea what to do when she woke up.

Baby sitting in a bowl on a beach wearing a towel - my list of baby travel essentials before you take your first trip

We managed (obviously). But it didn’t surprise me to read that a recent survey from The Baby Show found a third of new parents in the UK feel unprepared for their new arrivals, with more than half staying indoors for more than three days in a row,

Then – if you’re like me – as soon as you start getting used to this wonderful little stranger who’s entered your life and home, you begin to wonder how you can possibly travel with them. We managed that too (obviously).

But I wish there had been something like The Baby Cubby at the time, a site that’s set up by parents who’ve been there, done that, and is actually aimed at anyone feeling a bit overwhelmed or discouraged.

With advice, daily price-matching (including with Amazon) and hand-picked products, plus free shipping for over $49 (US only I’m afraid), it’s a great start to avoid hours and hours researching on the internet yourself. Because who has time for that with a new baby? Plus they even test strollers on their stroller track.

So if you’re just starting to work out what you need to travel with a baby or toddler, the site’s top picks are a great place to start – here are a few essentials you shouldn’t be without.

Muslins, swaddle blanket and change bag - three of my baby travel essentials

1. Baby travel essentials: Muslins

I can’t imagine how much use my daughter’s muslins got – the big ones doubled as sheets/scarves/blankets/blackout cover, while the little ones were a daily staple. In fact they’re still being used as blankets for my daughter’s bears!

You could stick with plain white, but fun colours and prints went a surprising way to cheering me up day to day. How cute are these Little Unicorn three-pack in Berry Lemonade?

2. Baby travel essentials: Swaddle blanket

My daughter has always been reluctant to sleep – and at first, it was almost impossible without swaddle blankets. These Aden & Anais silky soft bamboo swaddles are light for hot climates and look as good at multitasking as my big muslins.

3. Baby travel essentials: A good changing bag

I used my change bags so much, they quite literally fell apart – so it’s worth getting a design you’re happy to carry every day, something practical and if it can double as hand luggage, even better.

I spotted the Petunia Pickle Bottom range on my first visit to America with Minnie: works as a satchel or backpack, has pockets for bottles, lots of room and some fun prints.

Bib, rattle and board book - three of my baby travel essentials

4. Baby travel essentials: A baby carrier

Although you’ll have some kind of pushchair/stroller/travel system, I couldn’t have travelled without my baby carrier. For starters, it makes airports so much easier once you’ve checked your buggy at the gate, and means you’re not worrying about cobbles or bumps while exploring at your destination.

A borrowed Baby Bjorn started us off, but several friends raved about Ergobaby – this four-position carrier will last for years.

5. Baby travel essentials: Bibs

Wipe clean, washable and means you don’t need 29 changes of clothes per day once you’ve started weaning. A good bib is worth its weight in laundry liquid.

The Ju Ju Be – Be Neat Bib has antimicrobial linings as well, as a bonus.

6. Baby travel essentials: Toys

I’ve written whole posts on what toys to pack but something that’s lightweight, not too noisy and easy to clean is a good start.

As well as something soft to cuddle, Hape products are always lovely – this rainbow rattle can be twisted, shaken and chewed. Or start them early with a travel-themed board book – the Lucy Darling All Aboard London gets my vote.

Download my complete travel checklist for more baby travel essentials


Six of my baby travel essentials - if you're planning your first trip, here are a few of my must-pack suggestions beyond clothing and feeding paraphernalia.


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