Dream holidays: my lottery travel wishlist

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When I was first going out with my husband, we’d play a regular game of ‘what would you do if…’ Well, possibly I liked to play it, and he grudgingly put up with it!

A little boy sits in a suitcase surrounded by money - if money were no object, these are the places on my lottery travel wishlist

And me being me, one of the questions was where we’d travel – particularly if money were no object.

Because if I did win the lottery, apart from a few sensible things like paying off the mortgage, and more fun ones, including treating friends and family – especially if I picked up the £250 million Lottoland Powerball win – it would all go on seeing the world. The five number second prize of around £720,000 would be a nice consolation.

If I had…£100-£1,000
It might not buy me a round-the world trip, but even £100 would go straight into my flight fund – or new camera fund (I have an equally long wishlist there). And with £1,000, I’d be eyeing up a city break like our Porto getaway.

I’m tempted at the moment by what a friend called ‘Obscure Europe’ – the less discovered countries including Georgia, Romania and Albania.

The Plaza de espana in Seville, warm golden architecture against a blue sky - one of the places on my lottery travel wishlist

If it’s snowy, I’ve always fancied exploring the fairytale architecture of Tallinn in Estonia too. And for a sunny break, gorgeous Seville is one Spanish city that I’m determined shouldn’t elude me for too much longer.

If I had… £10,000
No question here – Japan is top of the wishlist for this year. My husband and I spent a week exploring Tokyo and Kyoto and loved it, while my five-year-old already has her own mini Japan bucket list inspired by Go Jetters (what else), not least seeing the snow monkeys in their hot pools.

I haven’t made it to Osaka yet either, with its castle, or to the coast and islands. There should still be a few yen left over from than £10,000 for a sushi blowout as well.

Decorative roof of Osaka Castle in Japan against a blue sky - one of the places on my lottery travel wishlist

If I had… £1 million
Where would I go? Where wouldn’t I go! It might not stretch to a private jet to whisk me around the world (well, maybe the occasional flight) but this would be a dream come true. As well as those wonderful South East Asian destinations I’d love to see – Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Borneo, along with Japan – I’ve explored so little of Africa and South America.

Namibia, Zanzibar and a safari feature first for the former, along with the gloriously white sand beaches of Mozambique too. Got to have the occasional break along the way, after all.

Then Machu Picchu and Peru, the Galapagos islands, the temples of Guatemala and a stop in Belize would start me off nicely for the latter. Minnie has also put in a request for Easter Island (Go Jetters, again) which must surely be on any travel wishlist.

So where’s on your lottery travel wishlist?

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My lottery travel wishlist - where would I travel if money were no object, from European city break destinations to a long-haul trip to Japan and a round-the-world voyage including Asia, Africa and South America. #ad Photo credit https://depositphotos.com/portfolio-1290955.html #lotterytravel #travelwishlist #dreamtravel #mummytravels

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