Travel resolutions for 2018 – my wishlist

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I do love the thought of a clean slate, a shiny new year to fill – but after years of setting impossible targets for the most miserable month of the year, I’ve long decided that I’m only going to make travel resolutions rather than attempting a total life overhaul.

Holiday kit including hat, sunglasses, compass and camera on a blue wooden background with map - my travel resolutions for 2018

But this year, I’ve found myself struggling slightly to work out what should be on that list. Not because I’m running out of places I want to visit – quite the opposite, that list never runs out. Looking back at last year’s travel resolutions, I realised that we visited hardly any of the destinations I had in mind 12 months ago (apart from the two which were already all but booked).

Instead, I found myself carried away by new enthusiasms and jumping at unexpected opportunities; just the way I love to travel. So I’m hoping 2018 might also have some exciting surprises in store – and I need to leave some time to fit them in.

Which means that instead of a traditional wishlist of countries, I’ve decided to go for goals rather than places – I had some success ticking off my 2016 list, so if it’s not broke, why mess with it?

1. Explore more of London
Frankly, this is one which could and should be on the list every year – it’s not like I’ll ever run out of things to discover in my home city. But while we’ve had a few fun days out, the weekends seem to slip past and school holidays are usually full, so London’s sights have dropped off the radar.

I’ve yet to take Minnie to the Tower of London, my favourite place in the city. There’s the new Postal Museum, the Winnie the Pooh exhibition at the V&A and the Museum of London for indoor options – for starters. Surely one day out per month ought to be possible: I’m fortunate that we just need to jump on the tube after all.

View across the Thames of the Tower of London - my 22 things to do on the Thames, London, with kids or without

2. Find a balance
And in total contradiction to point 1, I want to find more of a balance in terms of trips and days out – part of me desperately wants to make the most of every chance to see the world, even to the extent of landing back from Oman on the Sunday afternoon before school on the Monday. After all, in 10 years will we remember our amazing week in Oman or having a tired day or two afterwards?

But I couldn’t help notice that we both seemed very due a rest by the start of the Christmas holidays, and we only had a couple of days out in November and December. It’s a busy time of year, but I don’t think it’s coincidence that neither of us was raring to explore. It’s been an amazing year of travel but perhaps some slower travel ought to be on the cards. Honestly, I’ve no idea how that might work in practice (and I might just need a dose of sun to perk myself up!)

3. Take more family trips
I love exploring the world with my daughter – I’ve had a fair bit of practice at solo parent travel and we’ve got our own little groove. With my husband’s free time restricted by work, particularly this year, it’s also been that or no travel (and you can guess how likely the latter is!).

But this year, we’re planning two holidays as a family and I can’t wait. I just need to come up with an exciting destination that can be visited in about a week, isn’t too hot and has more than just beaches (as he’s not a fan of the latter unlike Minnie and me). Japan and Lapland are both hugely tempting – no chance of it being too hot in Scandinavian snow! – although both are also potential budget blowers…

A cruise is another one on my family wishlist for the second year running.

Metal viewfinder on board a ship with the sea in the background - a cruise is among my travel resolutions for 2018

4. Do something unexpected (more than once?)
I’m not the kind of person who books a year in advance. Or even many months in advance. But it’s rare that I start the year with only a single trip lined up – a long weekend in Tuscany with a bevy of other bloggers. There will be Prosecco.

So this one is probably going to be easy to keep! After my three days in The Gambia, a country and part of the world I know very little, I’d love to see somewhere utterly different. So while Vietnam has long been on my bucket list, after Cambodia and Burma, I’m tempted to look further afield. The same goes for Jordan, a country I’d love to revisit, thanks to our recent trip to Oman. (Obviously it goes without saying that if a trip to either looked realistic, I’d be scampering to the front of the queue).

Quite how I’d manage Borneo, or Papua New Guinea, or Sao Tome, or Reunion or the South Pacific with a small girl, I’m not sure. They’d fit the bill though! Having not found time for any short-haul city breaks (outside the UK) in 2017, that would admittedly count as unexpected too…

What do you think? Do you make travel resolutions? Any tips for me on how to manage my conflicting list – or suggestions for ones that ought to be on every family traveller’s list?

My travel resolutions for 2018 - my travel goals and wishlist for the New Year, including the destinations I'd love to see, why I want to be surprised and how slow travel is suddenly on my list. #travelresolutions #2018travel #familytravel #mummytravels

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