October travel essentials – the round-up

Bring on the sunshine, bring on the camels, bring on our half-term escape to Oman – that’s the refrain that’s been going around my brain for the past couple of weeks.

Girl in a field with a suitcase - my travel essentials for the month, from beauty, books and fashion to my latest suitcase must-haves

Well, except for my mini spa break in Malvern when I managed to find a few hours to relax between getting all my month’s work done in three weeks.

Thankfully, it seems like there wasn’t quite as much to organise this time – we have some of my favourite Ultrasun left over, I stocked up on contact lenses and travel size solution from Vision Direct and unearthed my summer wardrobe from Cambodia plus a few older odds and ends which should ensure I’m modestly covered up. If a bit hot.

But there are always a few things to pick up – here are my October travel essentials and additions to my packing lists.

I love to find books which link to the destination we’re visiting – and what better than the Thousand and One Nights, the stories of Scheherazade, about Ali Baba, Aladdin, Sinbad, genies and desert magic?

I left it a little bit late to start looking (the story of my month) but found this children’s version, the Arabian Nights for Kindle – some of the language is definitely a bit tricky for a five-year-old but at 90p, it’s a quick introduction.

I also discovered that there’s an audio version of the tales of Sinbad the Sailor on BookBeat which I reveiewed earlier this month (or on Audible if you prefer, where I also downloaded Matilda to add to our Dahl collection).

And for myself, I’ve started reading The English Girl by Katherine Webb, set in Oman in the 50s – I’ve been trying not to read it all before we left, but a few chapters in, I love the glimpse of recent history and am dying to find out what happens to the characters. One to read even if you’re not about to board a flight!

Travel essentials
I bought my head torch for a trip to Jordan years ago – it came in very useful stumbling around desert camp sites after dark, so had decided to put it back in for this trip. Except – obviously – not having used it for such a long time, it no longer works.

Kicking myself slightly for not checking earlier, as Amazon has some bargain head torches, we managed to find one in our local shops instead. As we’re glamping rather than camping, it might yet stay in its box… but I’ll be sharing more about our Oman adventure as soon as I get back.


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