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Vlogs: Planning tips for Cambodia with kids

I’ve lost count of how many trips I’ve taken in my life – and without fail, I still find myself swamped under lists with a slightly panicky feeling at the bottom of my stomach before a big adventure.

A shot of a woman and child in the fields and mountains of Cambodia - my new vlog with some of my planning tips for Cambodia with kids

Thankfully there’s plenty of advice out there these days on what you do actually need to know before you travel, from guide books like Lonely Planet, expert travel companies like Stubborn Mule (who’ve arranged my Cambodia trip) and from those who’ve already been there and done that.

So after navigating visas, appropriate clothing and ideas for entertaining a five-year-old at Angkor Wat, I decided to add my own to the mix with a new vlog on my planning tips for Cambodia with kids.

I’ll be updating this post with the new vlogs from both my trip and extra tips on our return.

If you’re wondering about coping with the heat in Cambodia when travelling with young kids, here’s the first video with my experiences and advice.

If you want to know about the food, and how fussy eaters (and adventurous ones!) will like it, I’ve got some more advice here.

And if you’re wondering whether you can visit Angkor Wat and the other temples with kids, this is why you can, you should and some tips on how to do it.


Main image courtesy of Pixabay, all other images and video copyright MummyTravels