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What makes a family-friendly hotel?

When I wrote about my family travel wishlist for holiday abroad last week, a lot of people commented that it’s the little things which make a hotel family-friendly.

So what makes a hotel truly family friendly? Child and sleeping baby on a bed.And I completely agree. I don’t mean hotels which have a single highchair in the restaurant and announce they’re baby-friendly, but the ones where the staff have an extra smile for kids, where their enjoyment is just as important as adults – rather than treating them as small nuisances to be tolerated for the sake of their parents’ money.

So what do I think most parents really want? With half-term looming, I’ve been checking out Park Inn and what’s tempting me about their family-friendly side.

A freebie
It’s great to find somewhere which has a discount for parents (especially compared to school holiday hikes). So when children under 16 stay free, and children under 12 eat breakfast and dinner free when accompanied by an adult? Yes please, Park Inn.

A lie-in
OK, no hotel can promise that (if they can, let me know!) but not having to rush with my daughter is always a winner. A late check-out, up to 6pm, is perfect if we want to explore the city for the day before heading home.

Decent WiFi
It’s 2016. So it astounds me how many hotels think that WiFi is either a huge luxury and charge £20 per day for it. Even worse, the ones which say there’s free WiFi but it’s only in one corner of the lobby if you stand on tiptoe. Make it fast, make it in my room and make it free. Some of us have CBeebies to watch.


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Image courtesy of Pixabay