Review – my suitcase wish Lyst

The title of the blog gives away where most of my disposable income goes. If it’s not frittered away on childcare and clothes for my daughter, it’s earmarked for a flight or hotel or day trip.

But every now and then (especially when the bill for my tax return isn’t quite as big as expected), I like to pay some attention to my wardrobe. And with a three-year-old around, that means online shopping.


After four years of motherhood and pregnancy (and a variety of dress sizes), I’m finally starting to edge my way out of my practical mummy wardrobe rut too. Well, hopefully. At which point I came across Lyst

The site, which has over 11,000 designers and stores, lets you save a virtual wishlist (or lots of lists) or click straight through to buy if something catches your eye. And while there is plenty at the designer end, when you filter the price, there’s also plenty for smaller budgets including high street big names and brands like Forever 21.

Even better for my travel-strapped purse, there are markdowns galore – but still with plenty of sizes so you’re not virtually searching through a rail of odd leftovers.

My Suitcase Essentials lyst already has 42 items in and I’ve only had a browse through three categories – dresses, jackets and shoes.

All three are guaranteed a spot in my case: dresses particularly as they’re great for daytime sightseeing and the rare occasion I dress up for night, for throwing over a swimming cossie at the beach or over tights for wandering around a city.

lyst-uniqlo-red-striped-dresslyst-modcloth-green-elan-dress  lyst-cutie-yellow-stripe-dress

I spent an hour alone browsing dresses (thanks Rescue Time) – in fact, the one downside is that there’s so MUCH choice, although you can refine by designer and retailer as well as size. The plus was it tempted me to look at brands I wouldn’t consider in a shop, as well as several you can’t get easily in the UK.


I may already own some sandals like these but they are so useful…

lyst-asos-print-blazer-festivallyst-asos-navycream-stripe-jacket lyst-oasis-ivory-fringed-kimono

And this white lacy jacket.

The acid test? Since I’ve signed up, I’ve already bought two things. The Oasis lace maxi and French Connection Medina maxi if you’re wondering.


Compiled in association with Lyst*


Main image courtesy Pixabay, all other images courtesy of the retailer