Review: Kozi Kidz Varberg fleece-lined rain jacket

There are two ways to deal with the endless grey skies and rain we’ve had recently. One: sit inside and sulk. Two: pull on some very bright wellies and an equally bright raincoat and head outside to splash.

I’ll be honest, my default setting is one… but cabin fever sets in quickly with a three-year-old, and through her I’m rediscovering the joy of running around shrieking in the rain, splashing so enthusiastically we both need dry trousers.

Child's feet in stripy rainbow wellies splashing in a puddle

The only drawback is if you have to spend the rest of the day in damp things. What we need are waterproofs – not sweaty crackly uncomfortable waterproofs, but cosy cheery practical waterproofs. Fortunately Kozi Kidz are ahead of me.

Ignore the zeds and the range basically does what it says on the tin, from base layers to wind, water and rainproof clothes, it’s inspired by the Swedish attitude of its founder that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

I’m only just wrapping my head around the idea that we’re beyond the early years collection for zero to three, so when Kozi Kidz asked if I’d like to review something from the range, I spent quite a while browsing before realising what we really needed.

Minnie has a raincoat, which is great for early autumn and spring showers, but needs a hoodie underneath in winter. She also has a big snuggly hooded puffin print coat, which is shower resistant but not designed for much more. We needed the best of both – something warm enough for winter but properly waterproof.

dover-castle-kent-girlSo when I spotted the rainbow Varberg fleece-lined rain jacket, £45, I knew we had a winner. Instantly cheery, even on a wildly windy winter’s day at Dover Castle, it coped with sleety snow and rain showers.

And while it’s 100% waterproof, it’s also machine washable. The hood is detachable too if you need to take that off for some reason, and there are both poppers and a zip on the front (the latter is covered at the top so no scratching little chins). The cuffs are also elasticated.

Kozi Kidz Varberg fleece lined rainbow waterproof rain jacket - review

But it’s a lot of the little touches which help it stand out from the competition. There are reflective stripes which are subtle enough that I didn’t realise until my flash caught the light on them. The hood itself is slightly peaked so for once it didn’t seem to swamp Minnie but still kept the rain out of her eyes. There was even room for her woolly hat underneath.

It doesn’t seem too bulky either so it was easy for Minnie to move around. And as the rainbow print is unisex (I think, at least), it’s useful if you know it’s going to be inherited by a younger brother – or are just fed up with a choice of lilac and pink.

It comes in sizes for one to eight-year-olds, although helpfully you get the actual centimetre measurement as I find sizes vary wildly. Despite being petite for her age, the 3-4 year option fits my almost three and a half-year-old nicely, with a bit of extra growing room.

Where I did seem to get my measurements wrong were with the matching Kozi Kidz Varberg Lined Rain Dungarees, £28, which we got sent in red and which seemed to come a lot higher up than I’d anticipated.

Kozi Kidz Varberg fleece lined dungarees - review

Helpfully there are poppers which mean you can adjust the dungarees at the waist, adjustable elasticated braces and foot straps to help them fit a bit better, along with the same reflectors and waterproof material.

This time, the fleece seemed a bit thicker so they’re great for snowy frosty days. Except this winter we don’t seem to have had any – not in the south east at least. And while I suspect these would keep even a drop of rain out, we haven’t had much more than drizzle on our free days over the past few weeks (the lashing torrential deluges have saved themselves for preschool, it seems).

The combination means that while the rainbow coat has been brightening up the days, the dungarees are waiting patiently for the temperatures to drop, the rain to start and Minnie to grow another inch or so before we really put them through their paces. For now she’s insisted they’re too hot. Not often you can say that in December.

But the quality is lovely and both the small girl’s growth and plummeting temperatures across the UK are pretty much guaranteed at some point over the next couple of months. And if not? Well, if I needed an excuse to go skiing, this is it…


Product images courtesy Kozi Kidz; all others copyright MummyTravels

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