What do you want to see on MummyTravels

I’m caught between Christmas with its attendant generosity and New Year, with its virtuous list planning. So I’ve decided to combine both in this blog post…

Consider it (sort of) an early present from me to you and a way to help me get organised for 2016. Which is kind of another present if you’re going to keep reading next year (which I hope you are).

A small pile of presents and baubles under a Christmas tree. My gift? Asking what you want on my family travel blog

The question is… what would you like to see on a family travel blog? And more specifically, what do you want to read on MummyTravels?

I’ve always tried to make the blog a mix of the practical and the inspirational, tales of our experiences along with advice and reviews.

Over the years, I’ve added in travel checklists and destination guides, mixing my posts and a few more how-tos. I’ve reviewed products, I’ve compiled wishlists and packing lists, I’ve done lists of top attractions, and always my own travels in between.

But, I wonder, what do you all actually want? More of the same, a bit more of one particular category, or something completely different? So I thought I’d ask.

A pile of brightly wrapped presents. My gift? Asking what you'd like on my family travel blog

I’m going to be putting the question on my Facebook page too, and I’d love it if you either comment below or over there. Or you can tweet me if you’d rather. You can even pin an image and tell me via Pinterest if you fancy, although frankly that seems rather complicated.

To start you off, would you like:

a – more city and destination guides?

b – more checklists and packing lists?

c – more list posts on the top things to do (like this Devon one)?

d – more photo and video posts (like this from the Isles of Scilly)?

e – more advice on how to travel with a baby, toddler and child?

f – more reviews of what to pack when you go?

g – something else (ah, but what?)

I can promise more of our adventures for 2016, although I don’t necessarily know where. (If you’ve got a burning desire to know more about a particular destination, let me know, who knows I might plan a trip just for you).

And if you love me just the way I am? Well, frankly I never tire of hearing that.