Visiting 60 countries

I’m sitting here with an atlas in front of me, an intent expression on my face while counting on my fingers. Not the strangest thing I’ve ever done for a blog post, but not exactly an everyday occurrence.

Because on my return from Ljubljana, it occurred to me that I’d added another country to my tally – and that having talked for a while of visiting 55 countries in my life, that total might just have gone up.

A small section of the globe showing EuropeAnd it has – I am now at over 60 countries! According to my own rules at least.

My rules are as follows – I have to have cleared immigration in the country, so airport transits (and Dubai, for example) don’t count even if I’m technically on their soil.

Each of the countries of the UK counts separately. Well, you try telling someone in Scotland that they’re not a different country from England and see how well that conversation goes.

I have counted two British Overseas Territories: the Cayman Islands and the Turks & Caicos. Because, frankly, I refuse to class them in the same way as Coventry or Cardiff. Both times, I felt like I was in a foreign country, and not just because of the palm trees.

grand-turk-caribbean-conch-seaBut I haven’t counted each of the Canary Islands, Balearics or Azores – they’re all under Spain or Portugal (otherwise you could add another six to the total).

It’s also a good reminder of how much world is left to see: 20 countries in Europe alone which I’ve never set foot in. And while I’ve visited the world’s smallest country (Vatican City), I haven’t been to its largest (Russia) although I have seen numbers 2-5. Well, tiny bits of them.

Best of all? Eight of my 61 total have been added since Minnie was born. I knew you could keep travelling after having a baby…

Which leaves only one question. Where next?

How many countries have you all visited? Anywhere strange and unusual? Where’s next for you too… I’d love to know.


Main image courtesy Pixabay, Grand Turk image copyright MummyTravels

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