How to do it

How to save for a holiday

There is never a point when I’m not thinking about travel. I’m just back from one holiday, I have to sort out another weekend away later this month, plan another in September and get myself organised for a big trip in October.

Piggy bank - how to save for travelSo, unsurprisingly, I’m always thinking about ways to save up for them all as well. These are four of my top tips.

Ditch the impulse purchases
Remove temptation and I’m far less likely to fritter cash – a few pounds here, a few there. Now I try to work out whether I really want something by enforcing a waiting period or having a stern talking to myself. After all, would I prefer a takeaway or a meal by the sea on holiday?

Save before I spend
When I get paid (which is fairly randomly as a freelancer), I put some aside for tax, some aside for bills and if unless it’s a particularly bad month, some straight into savings before I spend it. I have a tax-free ISA as well as a couple of separate accounts to manage money, but most banks have a range. TSB offers a helpful guide to choosing the best.

Use a moneyback site
If I’m buying something online anyway, a cashback scheme is brilliant – just clicking through means I’ll get a bit of money returned later, which I then stash away. I like Quidco (use this link and we each get a quid) but there’s quite a few out there.

Trash to cash
I am a bit of a hoarder, but when it comes to Minnie’s ever growing mountain of too-small baby stuff, if I can sell it on eBay, I do.


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