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Creating a memory jar

I love a good souvenir. But that’s where my travel mementoes normally stop (along with innumerable photos, which intermittently get stashed into albums).

I’ve never been one to make scrapbooks or memory boxes (though you might argue the whole blog is a sort of e-scrapbook). Tickets and scraps get stuffed into guidebooks, to give me a mini jolt of remembrance when I open the pages again. But organised? No.

travel-memory-jar-souvenir-handsSo I rather liked the idea of thinkmoney’s holiday memories challenge, part of their jam j-art project, to see if it inspired me. One kilner jar, one staycation or holiday – ta-dah, one neatly bottled set of memories.

As the challenge missed our Amsterdam trip, I’ve been waiting for a great day out to try it. And today’s trip to the London Wetland Centre in Barnes (more to come on that) was perfect.

london-wetland-centre-barnes-girlMinnie was hugely excited. Not just by seeing the otters at the centre (again) but by collecting odds and ends to stash away – and as soon as we got home, she grabbed all our souvenirs to pop them inside.

So… what went in? First there were the physical odds and ends.

We had collected a few bits of leaf and flower during various craft sessions (picking encouraged) so saved a few to pop straight in.

Then a map with information about our visit (in case I did forget where we’d been) and a Nature Explorer passport with stamps for the different activities we’d carried out.

travel-memory-jar-souvenir-mapAnd the results of the crafts themselves. A few leaf rubbings…

travel-memory-jar-souvenir-artPlus a piece of material with the impressions of various flowers and plants – for now, Minnie’s creations either get displayed on the fridge or shoved in a cupboard, so it was nice to have a proper home for these.

travel-memory-jar-souvenir-art2Eagle-eyed readers will also have spotted a dinosaur sticker on the artwork – a memento of one slightly less tangible memory, as Minnie had decided at lunchtime that she was a diplodocus (so far, so normal – we had already been ladybirds and red pandas that morning).

Less usual was the fact that she then proceeded to eat about half my salad, despite a previous aversion to lettuce and leaves in general. Only time will tell if this herbivorous streak will be maintained… but I definitely felt it was worth recording!

travel-memory-jar-souvenir-girlAnd there you have it. One memory jar. She also took several photos on her mini camera so I may print one or two out and add that afterwards, but haven’t yet had chance to look through the memory card.

I’m not convinced we have the space for a kilner jar for every day out or trip, but it was a lot of fun putting it together. We chatted about what we might want to save, and I have a feeling we’ll be dipping back in over the coming days (and weeks?) to relive it all again.

Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about scrapbooks after all…

Disclosure: I was sent the jar and a contribution to the cost of filling it. All opinions and squashed bits of leaf are our own.


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