The April round-up

This month’s purchases have been firmly travel focused – saving for our trip wherever I can, and holiday buys for Minnie in between. I’m not sure if I should have wardrobe envy of my daughter.

So a little concise again this month, and I even failed to pick up any souvenirs for myself in Gran Canaria… apart from some local honey rum (more of which later).


Here’s the rest of what I’ve bought, reviewed and considered as contenders for my suitcase in April.

After growing out of her last sunglasses and making do with a free pair we’d been given at the Bounce festival last summer, it was time to upgrade Minnie’s accessories.

She had her heart set on a pair with stars on – I’ve no idea why, but as it turned out, that wasn’t as easy as I thought it might be. Even a Peppa Pig pair in M&S got the thumbs down.


Then we stumbled on these butterfly frames in Accessorize for a fiver. No stars, but I think Minnie decided to cut her losses, and these smaller frames fit beautifully.


I had less excuse for buying these three Mini Club ruffled tops from Boots, £11. She didn’t urgently need T-shirts, but after I stumbled across a buy one, get one half price, I was tempted. When I saw the rather fab print of this (kiwi fruit, according to Minnie), I was sold – there’s a sunshiney yellow and a bright orange too.

Lastly, we needed sandals. The waterproof washable Velcro strapped Doodles she had last year were fab, so I set my sights on Clarks again – in the end I found a bargain red pair on eBay but the Star Games style in store costs £20 and comes in purple, white and neon and pink.

No new purchases this month, but I have been digging out some summery shades for Gran Canaria – Essie Lapiz of Luxury is a gorgeous blue which makes me think of summer skies, and Barry M nail varnish in Ice Cream Yellow.


I spotted a review of Zip It on the Nobody Said It Was Easy blog and thought it sounded a brilliant idea – Minnie is great at zips and Velcro but still working out buttons. She gets easily frustrated when they’re on her clothes but playing around with them in a book gives her some great practice and she has a lot more fun.


Although it’s labelled for three and above, it seems better for younger readers as that’s when they learn to deal with fastenings. That does mean that while it’s a pretty sturdy book and decent quality, I’ve already had to sellotape two pages back together after some enthusiastic tugging led to a rip.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading Social Media for Writers by Joanne Mallon. Great if you’re a complete novice but there were some really useful tips and app suggestions even if (like me) you’ve been tweeting, instagramming etc for a little while. Not quite holiday reading, admittedly, but definitely worth a look.


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