Thursday Travel Treat: The Azores

Out in the Atlantic, almost a thousand miles west of Lisbon, sit the Azores. The most westerly point of Europe, they’re also one of its most overlooked spots – but with whale watching, tea and pineapple plantations and an incredible volcanic landscape, they’re well worth paying attention to.

So where better for today’s #thursdaytraveltreat on Instagram? I visited the island of Sao Miguel almost three years ago, my last pre-baby flight and loved it.


It would be a great trip with older kids as well, with thermal pools, boiling calderas, steam spurting from volcanic vents – you can even have a meal cooked in the heat of the earth.Then there’s the whale watching, one of the best places to see these incredible creatures year-round, as well as from the viewpoints on land if you’re lucky.

And picturesque volcanic lakes, Portuguese architecture, little towns and some fascinating traditions mean you’ll have plenty do discover on just one island as you drive around – you can see a bit more in the piece I wrote for Metro here.

As a bit of a bonus for adults, those pineapples make a rather fab liqueur…

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