Reviewed: My Carry Potty Ladybug travel potty

I can’t imagine the number of hours I’ve spent changing nappies, trying not to be kicked in the teeth by a small unwilling girl along the way. That’s before I consider counting the pounds spent.

So I never thought I’d miss them once we started potty training. I know I’ve been fortunate with how smoothly it’s gone but at times I’ve wondered how we can ever leave the house between toilet stops [Non-parents, this post may not be for you…].


A travel potty was always going to be essential – not just for longer journeys, but for days out, trips to see friends and even jaunts to the park. 

In the end, the decision came down to two. There was the Potette Plus, which had the advantage of converting into a toilet seat, but also had plenty of reviewers cursing its fiddliness, expensive bag attachments and fondness for pinching fingers.

Then there was My Carry Potty which appealed to me more and seemed to have unfailingly good reviews. And after they sent me one to try, I can understand why.

Bottom line, I needed something practical, to make our lives easier while we’re out and about. This couldn’t be much simpler – simply twist the catch to open it, then it’s just like an ordinary potty, so no worries about strange or offputting designs or fumbling to get it set up before she has an accident.

If you can’t empty it wherever you are, the potty is leakproof and odourproof when you close it. I know, not a situation anyone would actively look forward to but if we’re miles from a toilet, I need a girl-friendly solution. A tree will not suffice.

It’s also very lightweight at under 700g, with a little handle, so that even Minnie can carry it around.

And that brings me to the next plus. Not as essential as the practical side perhaps, but it looks cute. I’m not sure anyone will necessarily be fooled into thinking it’s a bag or lunchbox, but it’s not that far off.


As well as various colours, they’ve also got two animal print designs – cow and ladybird. We have the latter, as part of our increasing collection of ladybird-themed toddler kit, and Minnie loves it. So much so that at one point she attempted to insist she only wanted to use that potty rather than the ones we have at home…

In just 10 days we’ve taken it to relatives’ houses, we’ve taken it to swimming, it’s been tucked under the buggy and just about crammed into the change bag (having taken all the nappies out).


And while I’m hoping we’ll move towards using a toilet as soon as possible, at £24.99 it’s not so expensive that I begrudge using it for a short time – besides, given the convenience, I’m guessing it’s going to get plenty of use even after ‘big’ toilets become an option.

The verdict? Absolutely brilliant. This is one I’m definitely saving space in hand luggage for.

Available from Cheeky Rascals as well as from Amazon, Boots and JoJo Maman Bebe.


Disclosure: I was sent this for the purposes of review. All opinions are, as ever, my own. Contains affiliate links: any purchases you make are unaffected but I may receive a few pennies.

Images courtesy of My Carry Potty