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No more passport mistakes with easyJet app

I can never quite decide if I love or hate how clever technology can be. When I don’t have to fill in my address over and over again online, I’m all for it. When Google somehow knows where I’ve been and presents me with a photo album based on my snaps of my day out, I’m a bit unnerved.

And when autofill helpfully completes the fields for my flight information with Cathy rather than Catherine, costing me £100 to change it to my passport details? I’m torn between kicking myself and cursing it.


Now easyJet’s app has come up with a solution to that and any fumble-fingeredness, letting you take a photo of your passport with your phone’s camera and automatically uploading the details to your booking.

So no more entering Advanced Passenger Information online, and it should also speed up check-in. Which is a good thing, as I’m catching an alarmingly early flight with them in just over a month and would like everything to go very smoothly until I’ve had coffee.

Available for Apple and Android, they promise the information is stored safely and securely. Although I’ll be deleting any images pronto once I’m done before I find it taking pride of place in my Lanzarote Google photos album…


Image: Ray Booysen/Flickr