The ultimate guide book: Lonely Planet’s The World

I’ve made no secret of my love of guidebooks, both for practicality and the souvenir of a trusty companion sitting on my shelf after accompanying me on my travels.

And my brand of choice is normally Lonely Planet. So it’s fitting that they’ve come up with what must be the ultimate guide… to The World.

40 years of travel knowledge, 221 countries, 228 maps and one planet. If you want inspiration to set out across the globe, this is it.

As well as suggested itineraries from the old hippy trail to a Mediterranean adventure or a road trip through the Americas, there’s a breakdown of countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Each has top experiences, basic facts and quirky trivia and while it’s not enough to plan an entire trip, it’s a great starting point.

I got to test my knowledge (and gaps) at the launch party tonight with questions including how many countries begin with ‘s’ – options are 6, 11, 28 and 35. Think you have an answer? Now go back and include all the Caribbean islands named ‘St’ something*.

Or the country whose national flower is a blue poppy?* The US state bordering only one other US state (clue, it has only one syllable)*


Plus I know slightly more flags than I thought I did. Although apparently not Belgium. The shame.

And because this is a family travel blog, I’m throwing in a bonus offer of two for one on the kids’ books range – use code 241KIDS here before October 31.


Images copyright MummyTravels


*Answers: 28; Bhutan; Maine