The next escape

Today has been one of those days. Shouty Mummy has made several appearances, and frankly no-one is very fond of her. So to cheer myself up, I’ve been pondering new travel plans.

Because when frustrated with your toddler, obviously the answer is to book a trip away for just the two of you. No, I don’t understand how my mind works sometimes either.


And I have discounted tickets to claim with Eurostar, thanks to our delayed journey to Paris in February, which expire in about four months.

I’ve also got some Avios points with British Airways burning a metaphorical hole in my pocket. But for now, a train trip seems a quicker, cheaper, easier solution to my crossness and itchy feet

But the question is… where? Paris again? It is a city I never tire of. Or Brussels? Somewhere that doesn’t scream child-friendly – but as I’ve been discovering, the most unlikely places sometimes are.

Or Lille? Another unlikely destination. And while I hesitate to mention the C word in September, it does have a famously good Christmas market to top our Winchester trip last year.

Decisions, decisions…


Image: Colville-Andersen/Flickr