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The ultimate guide to saving money on holiday

One of the few downsides to travel is the bill at the end of it. And with Minnie about to turn two this summer, her share of the price is set to rise with flight tickets and beds rather than cots.

But there are still ways to save a few pennies – which is why I joined a group of travel bloggers to help compile ‘The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Holiday’.


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From packing to the power of the EHIC, currency to car hire, and even some tips on tipping – as well as ideas for avoiding an unpleasant smartphone-related surprise on your return, there’s suggestions to help keep to your budget from start to finish.

And with two bank holidays, half term and the summer holidays all coming up, it’s a great time to put them into action.


Disclosure: I was paid for my tips but my opinion that most of us like a good money-saving guide is still my own.


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