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Reviewed: GoBaby London app

I’ve developed a new ability over the past 18 months or so – instantly spotting stretches of currently unused stretches of wall in toilets, which would make a perfect home for a baby change table.

Inevitably, this is because the owners haven’t installed one anywhere else, I have a baby who needs changing and I am internally gnashing my teeth at this eminently suitable spot that’s been overlooked as I try to squish myself and a wriggly baby onto a mat on the cold tiled floor.


I’m not the only person who’s found themselves in this situation, I suspect, or thanked heaven for coffee shop culture as more and more the major chains have cottoned on to the fact that mums will come in to use the changing facilities before buying a drink.

But unlike me and my teeth gnashing, one mum decided to do something about it and created the GoBaby app for London with an interactive map of baby changing facilities plus a helpful key of whether they’re in shops or cafes.

There’s also a separate section on underground stations, showing which ones have lifts and escalators, or if you’ll be stuck with stairs, as well as which platform interchanges are step-free.

Impressively, it seems to stay pretty up to date as well – two relatively recently opened restaurants near me are listed although inevitably there’s the occasional hiccup especially if you don’t update (my local Mothercare showed for a little while after it closed).

You can even add locations, which is a great way to harness a lot of local knowledge.

Having to input a postcode meant I did hit a small snag when I tried to enter the children’s centre in one of my local parks – although as it’s now displayed correctly, someone obviously sorted it out.

But these are minor niggles for an app which works pretty seamlessly, and proves there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes effort involved to keep it that way.

It’s the kind of thing I would have loved to have had on some of my travels abroad – Paris springs to mind – as even in my local area, it came up with suggestions I hadn’t thought of. If I’m exploring a part of the capital I don’t know well, it’s a godsend.

So if you’re planning a day out in the capital with a baby, toddler or buggy, get downloading.

Available for Apple and Android, it costs £1.49.


Disclosure: I was given a code to download the app for free – all opinions are my own.


Image: Gerard Stolk/Flickr