Holiday accommodation: Apartments vs hotels

When you’re booking a family holiday, accommodation can sometimes be the deciding factor about where to stay.

And while there’s a lot of different options out there, the choice often comes down to the traditional hotel or self-catering, such as apartments. So which to pick?

There’s something strangely exclusive about booking an apartment as your temporary home, with more space and privacy than a hotel without necessarily being a more expensive option.

A hotel, on the other hand, ensures a certain level of service with very little effort on your part and also gives you the chance to meet people you might not otherwise bump into – but probably at the cost of a few restrictions.

tremezzo hotel

Hotel in Tremezzo

Benefits of an apartment
– Space: This is the biggest appeal for most families, especially if you’re travelling with plenty of stuff to keep the kids entertained. As well as room to store all the paraphernalia, there’s space for a separate play area.

– Self- catering: Kids can be fussy eaters, so while you’ll enjoy discovering local delicacies, it’s great to have the option of cooking something you know your child likes. Stocking up at the local supermarket means you’ll get to try a few new things too.

– Home away from home: If you’re travelling by car, without too many luggage restrictions, you can bring any home comforts you need to make the holiday run smoothly.

Poggio Olivo Apartments

What you’ll miss
– The service: In most cases, you’ll be fending for yourself, from cooking to cleaning – sadly, no-one else is going to tidy up after you all. Sometimes it just means readjusting everyone’s expectations to ensure you all have a relaxing break.

– Other people: While you get the bonus of privacy with an apartment, having your own space can make it harder for you and your children to make new friends.

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