The Real Wonders of the World – according to Lonely Planet

Who knew that the Eiffel Tower has darker colour paint at the bottom and lighter at the top? And it has to be repainted every seven year to stop the steel rusting. Yep, the real wonders of the world are some of the quirky facts you discover while travelling.

Lonely-Planet-Real-Wonders-WorldThat’s the idea behind one of the latest books in Lonely Planet’s Not For Parents series, aimed at eight to 12-year-olds.

The Real Wonders of the World hops from the most dangerous places and terrains across the globe via weird festivals, unusual places to stay, haunted, high-tech and fabulous facts.

Perfect for getting kids excited about travel – and if they choose to share their knowledge, you’ll probably learn a thing or two as well.

At the same time, the guidebook company is publishing How to be a Dinosaur Hunter, with a beginner’s guide to what lived where and when, not to mention a few places where their bones and fossils have turned up over the years from the south coast to the southern hemisphere.

As ever, there’s plenty of trivia, including the Disney-inspired name for one particular theropod…

Unlike earlier books in the series, these are hardback annuals – so if you’re already thinking ahead to Christmas, plan to put them under the tree rather than in a stocking.

How to be a Dinosaur Hunter is priced £12.99, and The Real Wonders of the World costs £14.99. Both are available from mid October from the Lonely Planet shop and Amazon.