The hunt for the hooded coat

I think autumn is my favourite season. That’s not to say I don’t love the summer sunshine and kicking through a fresh snowdrift in winter, as well as the first signs of spring.

But there’s something about a crisp autumn day, crunchy leaves piled up, that indefinable smell in the air which says that while it might be sunny still, summer’s over.

Maybe it’s a back to school feeling, the start of a new year without the post-Christmas bills, hangover and compulsion to make resolutions. boden-rainy-day-mac

Plus, of course, the vital need to get a new coat. I’ve been wearing out my current collection throughout pregnancy and fluctuating waistlines, and while a few will still keep making a reappearance until they literally disintegrate (or in the case of one which has already been relined, disintegrate again), I need a coat with a hood.

Pushing a buggy and manoeuvering an umbrella in the wind and rain is a recipe for me getting cross and flustered. But much as I love hats, they’re not always practical (and most of the time, they don’t fit me).

So I’ve been hunting around for a hooded coat since the new collections started coming in. If you want a parka, a padded coat or a duffel coat, your luck’s in. If you want high-tech outdoor gear, you’ll be fine too.

If, like me, you just want a nice normal coat, not too heavy, with a hood against showers, it’s basically impossible. But with a trip to Copenhagen planned (more about that later), I really had to get my act together.

One possible went back to Asos, and eventually in desperation, I accosted someone in a nice hooded coat while I was out. It’s from Boden, she said.

Of course. If there’s anyone who’s likely to have spotted this glaring gap in the market, it’s the ultimate yummy mummy label (which always put me off looking – that and the price).

But it’s a tag that they’ve been trying to shake off with recent edgier collections. Having timed it nicely to get a discount, I bit the bullet and bought the Rainy Day mac in Lapis large spot – there’s currently 20% off selected styles plus free delivery using code W013 here.

It’s fleece lined, so it should keep be nice and warm in chilly playgrounds (and Copenhagen), and while I’d have gone for a brighter pattern to cheer up the rain if they had one, I do like the blue too.

The detachable hood, admittedly, makes me look like a five-year-old, but I don’t think I can hold them responsible for that.

So, apart from my nagging feeling that I am a walking middle-class cliche, I’m one step closer to hitting Scandinavia.


Image courtesy of Boden