Kids’ top British landmarks

Stuck for where might impress your kids? It seems that children are more traditional than we might think, with Big Ben, Stonehenge and the Tower of London topping a list of their most iconic landmarks.

Bong, bong, bong…

Buckingham Palace came fourth, followed by the London Eye – Europe’s largest ferris wheel and the only modern attraction in the top five – according to Travelodge.

The final five were made up of Blackpool Tower, Windsor Castle, Hadrian’s Wall, Edinburgh Castle and the white Cliffs of Dover (although I can’t help thinking that however impressive the latter, it would be a bit of a letdown for a day out – ‘Ooh cliffs. Now what shall we do?’)

And apparently a third of British kids asked their parents if they could visit a museum or art gallery over half term, compared to one in five who wanted to go to a theme park.

Which should come as some relief to parents who forked out an average of £50 per day to keep their children entertained over the break.


Image: Ceshe/Flickr