Creating a memory jar

I love a good souvenir. But that’s where my travel mementoes normally stop (along with innumerable photos, which intermittently get stashed into albums).

I’ve never been one to make scrapbooks or memory boxes (though you might argue the whole blog is a sort of e-scrapbook). Tickets and scraps get stuffed into guidebooks, to give me a mini jolt of remembrance when I open the pages again. But organised? No.

travel-memory-jar-souvenir-handsSo I rather liked the idea of thinkmoney’s holiday memories challenge, part of their jam j-art project, to see if it inspired me. One kilner jar, one staycation or holiday – ta-dah, one neatly bottled set of memories. Continue reading

5 tips for visiting the Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam with kids

Whether you’re interested in old masters, modern art or something in between, Amsterdam has some incredible art galleries with the three big names around Museumplein.

And if you’ve ruled out visiting them because you have kids, think again. You might not get hours to gaze at the artworks, but Amsterdam has made its culture as friendly as possible for kids.

van-gogh-museum-sunflowers-tipsPIN FOR LATER

Not possible with a todder, you say? Our recent visit to Amsterdam says otherwise… So here’s my top tips for visiting the Van Gogh museum with kids. Continue reading

The beginner’s guide to travel with a baby

So many things are new when you’re a new parent, let alone the thought of jumping on a plane. And with so many people ready to say you can’t/shouldn’t/must be mad to even think about it, it’s not surprising a lot are put off travel with a baby.

But I firmly believe the first flight is the hardest – not actually because it’s particularly difficult (in hindsight, travelling with a young toddler was tougher than a three-month-old) but because it’s a leap into the unknown.

The beginner's guide to travel with a baby, with tips on packing, baby essentials and flying with a babyPIN FOR LATER

So don’t be put off – there’s a whole world to discover with your baby. And if you’re wondering just how to do it, what to pack and how to carry it all, here’s my beginner’s guide, a ‘travel with a baby checklist’. Continue reading

The July round-up

Getting back in the swing of overseas travel again this month, my money was mostly being frittered on preparations for Amsterdam (and then *in* Amsterdam).

I seemed to have forgotten that it’s only a short plane ride away and packed enough entertainment for a long-haul flight – better that way round though, right? – so there’s quite a few travel essentials on this month’s round-up.

woman's feet on a vintage or retro suitcase - tips on what to pack for both adults and children.But here’s the rest of what I’ve I bought, reviewed and considered as contenders for my suitcase in July. Continue reading

Travels with a child – three years on

I would like to report a theft. Someone has apparently stolen time from me. There is frankly no other reasonable explanation as to how my little girl is suddenly three.

Yes, the 3rd birthday has come and gone, and Minnie is now very much a little girl. I shall have to break the habit of calling her a toddler on here…

IMG_5220So how far have we come since last year? For starters, she looks SO little in those photos – now she’s chatting even more (I hadn’t realised that was possible), is strengthening her iron will, is hilariously funny, and has a lot more to say about our travels. Especially the quantities of ice cream that should be included.

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