Reviewed: CoPilot Premium smartphone satnav app

I am faintly jealous of those people who have a natural sense of direction. I am not one of those people.

Left to my own devices, I will unerringly go the wrong way given a choice of two streets. I rotate maps so I can be sure both they and I are pointing in the same direction.


Which way? Which way?

So I compensate. I print out maps, I study them closely, I pay attention to landmarks and street signs as much as possible, because without them I’ll get lost. Again. And with a toddler along for the ride, I don’t want to get lost at all, if I can avoid it. Continue reading

Surviving a car journey with a toddler

This weekend I drove around 500 miles. For me, that’s a lot, packing in a round trip to my parents house in Staffordshire (via a stop-off at Packwood House near Solihull) and another day trip to Halifax as well.

Thankfully, I timed as many as I could to fit with Minnie’s naps – and even better, she slept just when I hoped she would. Especially during the torrential bank holiday rain.

What do you mean, they haven't invented DVDs yet?

What do you mean, they haven’t invented DVDs yet?

But that still left quite a few hours of motorway with an easily bored two-year-old. And nursery rhymes aren’t cutting it for long distances any more. Continue reading

The best child-friendly apartments

Apartments and villas aren’t just cheaper than hotels, they also tend to be a lot more practical when you have a baby or kids.


But how can you make sure they’re really child-friendly? Hurrah for the internet, and the chance to do your own research or ead real people’s reviews – but if you want someone else to have done a lot of the work, it’s worth checking out the following. Continue reading

Eight differences between travel before and after kids

Travel with kids is so many things. Fun. Frustrating. Fantastic. Frazzling. Fulfilling. Other things not beginning with F.


One thing that’s certain? Travel will never be the same again…
Continue reading

How to avoid queuing for US immigration

How to avoid standing in those soul-sapping queues for US immigration? Option 1: Become an American.


That does entail a lot of paperwork so thankfully it looks like one day there might be an option 2 courtesy of a new app. Continue reading