The March round-up

As you’ll have seen from yesterday’s post, saving for 2015’s travel is high on my mind at the moment – and so spending, sadly, is taking a bit of a back seat.

But there’s still a few things I’ve bought, reviewed and considered as contenders for my suitcase in March.


Let me know any fab buys you’ve stumbled across in the comments? Continue reading

Saving for travel

I am never short of ideas for places I’d like to travel to, destinations I want to visit and revisit with Minnie, family holidays, short breaks with a friend – I can go on. What I do find myself short of is the money to afford for it all.

Living in London, paying for childcare and having a bad case of wanderlust means that I’m never stuck for ways to fritter my hard-earned cash away. And while I’m looking forward to the day when Minnie’s nursery vouchers kick in, for now I’m working on a variety of ways to fund my travel habit.

Coin Dropping Into Piggy Bank

From switching energy providers to save cash to flogging things on eBay, collecting air miles with credit cards and using finance apps to budget, I’m ready to try most things. But playing the stock market? That still sounds alarmingly complicated. Continue reading

Review: Mission kids’ travel guide – and a new giveaway

I love a good travel guidebook – there’s something about flicking through the pages, imagining the trip you’ll have at the end of it.

My bookshelves are groaning with paperbacks for countries around the world, and inevitably I’ve been adding e-books and digital guides to my collection along the way.

Mission London RGB

Now Minnie is getting older, I’m starting to eye up travel guides designed specifically for kids to use too, rather than just for travel with children, including the rather lovely Mission Scavenger Hunt Adventure seriesContinue reading

6 hotel employees I wish existed

As part of my job, I research and write about the latest travel trends – perfect for making my itchy feet even itchier. And these days, it seems you’re nobody if you don’t have a string of concierges and butlers attending to all kinds of unexpected needs.

I don’t mean the traditional job recommending restaurants but an IT butler* for when you can’t get onto the internet, scent concierge* if you fancy trying a different fragrance from a selection brought on a tray, even a fireplace butler* who’ll sort out a roaring log fire and hot spiced cider for you.


Which got me thinking of my perfect hotel helps – to go with the sleep concierge at New York’s Benjamin hotel who’ll evaluate your sleep patterns, pick the perfect pillow and give you tips on getting a restful night (no 1: don’t have a baby/toddler?)…
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Credit cards to collect air miles

I love to get something for no effort at all – or hardly any effort. When that something is cheaper holidays, I’m an even bigger fan.

I use cashback sites when I shop online, for example, getting a little bonus cash for purchases I was going to make anyway. But I’ve also been looking at reward credit cards, where boring everyday bills can help collect air miles.


Basically you’ll earn miles for every pound spent, sometimes with bonuses when you sign up, although the usual credit card rules apply so you need to clear the debt to avoid interest and charges. Continue reading