What not to pack for a family holiday

I hate packing. I put it off until the last minute, then rely on checklists to ensure I don’t forget anything vital.

But having plenty of practice means I’ve worked out some of the things you don’t need to pack, especially on a family holiday.

Now... have I packed everything?

Now… have I packed everything?

And with 93% of us taking more items than we need, according to a TeletextHolidays.co.uk survey, but 10% forgetting to put in any underwear (really), here’s my top 10 things not to pack for a family holiday.
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Meet the blogger on Jetlag and Mayhem

I love reading other family travel blogs, picking up tips on how other people manage it, and getting some inspiration for more trips – and Jetlag & Mayhem is one of my favourites.

I’m also a fan of behind-the-scenes pieces to get some extra insight into the bloggers responsible for the words.


So today I’m combining both, appearing this week in Nicola at Jetlag & Mayhem’s ‘Meet the blogger’ series – check out some of the others while you’re there…

The hunt for the hooded coat continues

Having discovered the practicalities of a hooded coat rather than trying to wrangle a buggy/suitcase/toddler and an umbrella, I have also realised just how hard they can be to find.

Unless you want a parka or padded coat, that is. I am not the kind of person who can get away with a parka or a padded coat…


But a faux fur hooded coat, currently on offer at New Look? Glam enough for evenings out, warm enough for the playground, why, it’s practically a travelling mum’s essential, right?

It might make me look like a muppet but I suspect that’s a look I can carry off…


Image courtesy of New Look (incidentally, they chopped off the model’s head, not me)


Adventure Ocean – kids’ clubs with Royal Caribbean

The days when kids on cruises had to amuse themselves with a board game, watched over by a bored member of staff are long gone. These days, facilities for children on cruise ships can take over whole decks and entertain them almost 24 hours a day.

And as the world’s largest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, isn’t short of options as we discovered on our day on board. For starters, there’s a 28,000 square foot complex set aside for the kids’ club, for babies aged six months up to teens.


As well as giving the play area a test, and experimenting with a homemade volcano in the science lab, I had a chat to Adventure Ocean manager Hugo Arenas about the child-friendly facilities. Continue reading

Exploring Oasis of the Seas – the world’s largest cruise ship with a buggy

Longer than five Boeing 747s, at 1,187ft Oasis of the Seas would dwarf the Eiffel Tower or the Shard if you laid either structure down next to it.

There’s room for 6,360 guests, more than 20 restaurants, a zip wire, Flowrider surf simulator and a park with more than 12,000 plants.

boardwalk-carousel-oasis-seas-cruiseMinnie, who’d been told we would be visiting a ‘big big ship‘, quickly cottoned on to the idea this cruise behemoth is out of this world, announcing it was a space ship. Not far wrong…

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