The perfect travel rucksack?

There’s something about back to school which makes me think of fresh starts – and long for a new pencil case.

When Minnie gets to that point, I’m sure I’ll be too busy tearing my hair out over new school shoes and so on, but for now, I can enjoy adding to a fantasy shopping list.


And this has to be high up there – the perfect kids’ rucksack if you love travel. Continue reading

The August round-up

I’ve decided to start a new, regular (hopefully) post on the blog each month – my round-up of the things I’ve bought, tried and added to my shopping list as contenders for my suitcase.


I’ll still be running longer reviews for some products, but otherwise these are the best of the rest, or at least the rest of the rest.

Including beauty, fashion, books and travel essentials, do add your own top finds in the comments. Continue reading

Reviewed: Yollies yoghurt lolly snacks

As Minnie’s taste for adventure flourishes, her tastebuds are currently doing the opposite. Food is approached with mild suspicion, and even a new version of an old favourite (or an old favourite itself) can be rejected out of hand.

In between repeating the mantra, ‘it’s a phase, it’s a phase’, I’m having to pack more carefully for her meals on our days out.

yollies-yoghurt-lolly-child-snackHopefully the day when I don’t need to leave the house armed with food isn’t far off, but for now I’m not about to experiment when we’re away from home and I risk a cross/starving toddler.

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Six skills you learn flying with children

Life, they say, is a learning experience. Flying with a baby or toddler certainly is.


And while they might not be the most transferrable skills, here are six talents I’ve acquired travelling with my daughter.

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Reviewed: CoPilot Premium smartphone satnav app

I am faintly jealous of those people who have a natural sense of direction. I am not one of those people.

Left to my own devices, I will unerringly go the wrong way given a choice of two streets. I rotate maps so I can be sure both they and I are pointing in the same direction.


Which way? Which way?

So I compensate. I print out maps, I study them closely, I pay attention to landmarks and street signs as much as possible, because without them I’ll get lost. Again. And with a toddler along for the ride, I don’t want to get lost at all, if I can avoid it. Continue reading