Take 12 Trips: Halfway through 2015

Whoosh. Six months of 2015 seem to have flown past – but I can feel pretty smug about the fact that we are packing plenty in for our Take 12 Trips challenge (part 2).

By the end of March, we’d managed eight trips and days out but hadn’t quite made it out of the UK. Another three months on and that’s changed, although we’re definitely heavier on the staycations than the plane trips.

gran-canaria-plane-wing-sunsetOur tally? Seven trips and days out, including one overseas, and another one planned but unsuccessful. If nothing else, we’re consistent! Continue reading

Family travel in Egypt

Almost as far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by Ancient Egypt. I remember wandering the British Museum with my mum and brother, as an enthusiastic Egyptologist told us about hieroglyphics. Even today, whenever I’m in Paris I make a beeline for the Egyptology wing of the Louvre rather than fighting the crowds around the Mona Lisa.

Unsurprisingly, my first travel outside Europe was a tour of Egypt, sailing along the Nile in a felucca visiting a string of ancient temples and tombs, discovering the step pyramids at Saqqara and the great pyramids, as impressive in reality as I’d hoped.

A camel sitting in front of the three pyramids at Giza in Egypt - my tips for family travel to EgyptI also rode a camel and tried my first scuba dive, as we finished our trip at the Red Sea. Since then, I’ve been back to the Sinai peninsula to explore the desert and head underwater again – and whenever I remember the trips, I wonder why I haven’t been back since.

Because my daughter isn’t much younger now than when those mummies first sparked my interest. Continue reading

Hampton Court Flower Show with a toddler

I have never been to a flower show before today… Partly because I have whatever the opposite of green fingers are called, and for the past few years because it’s never struck me as particularly family-friendly.

Toddlers and beautifully created gardens? You can see the looming potential for disaster.


Then I was invited down to the preview day for the Hampton Court Palace flower show, which is not only a short drive from my home, but promises to be more family-friendly than Chelsea (which bars under-fives) – and as the final temptation, some of the gardens were themed around travel. Continue reading

10 ways you know you’re travelling with kids

It’s not the trail of stickers. It’s not the little voice asking, ‘Are we nearly there yet?’. And it’s not the delighted shrieks of glee at the sight of the seaside.

Little girl smiling on the beach beside the sea. 10 ways you know you're travelling with kids.

Nope, here are the 10 ways you know you’re travelling with a child… Continue reading

Family Day Out: National Maritime Museum Cornwall

I’m a bit of a fan of Vikings. In the abstract sense obviously, I’m not saying I’d have been cheering them on as they pillaged the coast a dozen centuries ago.

But when it comes to a good Viking exhibition, I do my best to be front of the queue (and occasionally throw something of a tantrum if it looks like I might miss it). So there was no chance I was missing out on the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, while we were staying in Falmouth.

Exterior of National Maritime Museum Cornwall in FalmouthTheir Viking Voyagers exhibition is running to February 2016, alongside several floors of maritime exhibits from boats and explorers to marine life.

Continue reading