Thursday Travel Treat: Lisbon

This picture always sums up wanderlust for me – Prince Henry the Navigator, immortalised in the Monument to the Discoveries, forever gazing out to the ocean and the adventures and undiscovered lands ahead.

Looking out to the horizon to #adventures untold. Today's #thursdaytraveltreat comes from #Portugal, specifically #lisbon and #belem where the #monument to the discoveries shows Prince Henry the #navigator gazing to the sea #bluesky #nofilter #latergram #wanderlust

On the waterfront at Belem, it’s somewhere I always try to visit when I go to Lisbon – itself one of my favourite cities. Followed, needless to say, by some pasteis de nata, the original flaky custard tarts that Portugal is famous for.

So that’s where today’s #thursdaytraveltreat on Instagram is from – check out the full set and do join in and tag your own photos or comment below with a link.


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Should kids make family holiday decisions?

It’s been a while since children were expected to be seen and not heard (although I’d still hope they’re not loud enough to be heard from a great distance). So I wasn’t that surprised by a recent survey which found kids are involved in planning family holidays.

After all, it’s their holiday too. And in practice, if they loathe every second it’s unlikely to be much fun for anyone else.

This year I fancy Bermuda, mum.

This year I fancy Bermuda, mum.

But it got me wondering where you draw the line? I can’t imagine giving Minnie final say over where we travel to, or which hotel we stay in – not until she’s paying for it anyway. Continue reading

Reviewed: Gro Clock toddler sleep clock

I am just about recovered from the hour going back at the weekend. Forget having an extra 60 minutes in bed when you’ve got a toddler, as her own personal body clock meant she was merrily chatting away at her normal time.

Fortunately, a combination of me telling her it was night-time, a dark bedroom and her Gro Clock all seemed to keep her quiet for another hour (even if I couldn’t get back to sleep).


So after enduring my last test for the Gro Clock I was to review, here’s the verdict. Continue reading

The October round-up

I feel like I’ve had my nose to the grindstone throughout October, and that seems to be reflected in this month’s round-up – too much work and not enough shopping makes me a bit more concise.

But here’s my pick of the things I’ve bought, tried and added to my list as contenders for my suitcase in October.


As ever, do let me know your own top finds in the comments. Continue reading

Wow… new cheap flights to America

I’ve flown on most of the low-cost European airlines at one point or another – some I now avoid, others I’ll happily use again. For a cheap and cheerful escape, it’s great to keep the flight costs down.

So I was excited by the bargain fares to the USA with Norwegian, which I wrote about last year, tempting me to hop to New York without paying a fortune.


Now Icelandic airline WOW has got in on the act with £99 fares to Boston and Washington DC – cities I’ve visited and loved and would love to visit, respectively. But would I really fly long-haul low-cost with a toddler or child?  Continue reading