What makes a family-friendly hotel?

When I wrote about my family travel wishlist for holiday abroad last week, a lot of people commented that it’s the little things which make a hotel family-friendly.

So what makes a hotel truly family friendly? Child and sleeping baby on a bed.And I completely agree. I don’t mean hotels which have a single highchair in the restaurant and announce they’re baby-friendly, but the ones where the staff have an extra smile for kids, where their enjoyment is just as important as adults – rather than treating them as small nuisances to be tolerated for the sake of their parents’ money.

So what do I think most parents really want? With half-term looming, I’ve been checking out Park Inn and what’s tempting me about their family-friendly side. Continue reading

City Tripping #13

Living in London, I know there’s always something happening on my doorstep, whether it’s new and exciting or a classic family favourite. As it’s on my doorstep, and I have a three-year-old to work around, I don’t take as much advantage of this as I should.

City Tripping city travel blog linky - week 13. Shot of Muscat in Oman

But I made up for that this weekend. Braving the rain and making the most of the brief sunshine on Sunday, I managed to check out the Hawker House Street Feast after a boat trip along the Thames on Saturday night.

And then another of my ‘must do before school starts’ list the following day, with a trip to the British Museum and to the nearby playground at Coram’s Fields. More to come on both of those, but the activity trail at the British Museum proved such a success that there were tears today when I insisted we couldn’t go back again this morning… Good job there’s plenty more to see! Continue reading

City Tripping #12

How can it be February already?! All those great travel plans I was plotting at the beginning of the year, and for now, they’re all still at the plotting stage.

Week 12 of the City Tripping travel linky - the best city travel posts from bloggers worldwide

Hopefully February will be the month I actually get booking as I’m desperate for both some sunshine and some travel and so far there’s nothing in the diary apart from a weekend in Cardiff. Itchy feet doesn’t even begin to cover it.

But with five months left before the school holidays begin and then primary school itself starts for my daughter, I’ve definitely got a ticking clock to spur me on. Continue reading

The January round-up: my travel essentials

It seems a very long time since last month’s round-up when I was sitting surrounded by boxes in our new home. Obviously I’m still surrounded by a few boxes (it took two years to unpack all my books last time) but I’m starting to feel like I’ve almost caught up with life after the Christmas chaos.

Unsurprisingly, I haven’t had much time, spare cash or inclination to add hugely to the endless possessions we (the movers) shifted from a to b. So it’s a more select set of things I’ve bought, been given or sent for review this month.

A woman and small girl walking along a deserted road, toy and small suitcase in hand. My travel essentials including books, fashion, beauty and travel gadgets

Here’s what’s making the cut for my packing list – fashion, beauty and January travel essentials. Continue reading

Review – my suitcase wish Lyst

The title of the blog gives away where most of my disposable income goes. If it’s not frittered away on childcare and clothes for my daughter, it’s earmarked for a flight or hotel or day trip.

But every now and then (especially when the bill for my tax return isn’t quite as big as expected), I like to pay some attention to my wardrobe. And with a three-year-old around, that means online shopping.


After four years of motherhood and pregnancy (and a variety of dress sizes), I’m finally starting to edge my way out of my practical mummy wardrobe rut too. Well, hopefully. At which point I came across LystContinue reading