MummyTravels’ guide to Copenhagen with kids

When you’re planning a family-friendly city break, Copenhagen might not be the first place you think of. But Scandinavia is perfect for travel with children.

Expect well-organised attractions, buggy-friendly entrances, decent changing facilities and an egalitarian attitude which means kids are usually as welcome as adults in this child-friendly city.

Obligatory photo of Nyhavn

Obligatory photo of Nyhavn

Most of my tips and experiences are aimed at travel with a toddler or young child, but do add your own suggestions for older kids in the comments. Continue reading

Six places to eat with kids in Copenhagen

Repeatedly named the best restaurant in the world, Noma has put Copenhagen firmly on the map for foodies.

And while you can take your kids along there with you – if you can get a reservation –that’s not the city’s only solution for mini gourmets.


Here are my top six child-friendly places to eat in Copenhagen. Continue reading

A Thursday travel treat on Instagram

Since getting onto Instagram a couple of months ago – find me here – I’ve very quickly become addicted to the photo-sharing site.

There’s the chance to upload some of the many pictures I take on my travels, but it’s also inspiring me to keep my eyes open day to day, spotting everything from glossy conkers to a patch of sunlight on a brick wall. And good news, there are no selfies…

It's a gorgeous crisp #autumn day outside. Inside I'm busy looking at old photos of #artdeco #miami and thinking of #sun and #beach #latergram #nofilter #florida #usa #miamibeach #architecture #hotel #breakwater #building #blue #white #bluesky

Today, after looking through some old shots of Miami and its art deco buildings in the sun, I added a few to brighten up Thursday. And it seems to have gone down pretty well… So much so, that I’ve decided to make it a regular thing using the hashtag #thursdaytraveltreat.

It might be a beach. It might be a fantastic temple. It might be a gorgeous landscape. But whatever it is, hopefully it’ll put a smile on your face and get you dreaming of travel throughout the winter.

Do tag your own photos if you’d like to join in too.


Image copyright MummyTravels/Cathy Winston

The writer’s blog hop

A slight change from the usual today (such as there is a usual). I’ve been tagged to join in the Writer’s Blog Hop that’s going on at the moment by the lovely Hazel who’s Out Of Her Depth to reveal all about how I write.

Well, maybe not all as there’s a lot of procrastinating, list making and yelling at the computer involved, and you don’t want to know about that.


But as a lot of you know, I’m also a freelance journalist as well as a blogger, so here’s a quick glance behind the screens. How it works is that I write answers to the following questions and then pass it on to two others… Continue reading

Travelling with a newborn

There’s nothing like cuddling a newborn to make a flood of memories come back. No, not my baby, I promise I’d have mentioned it.

But I recently caught up with some good friends and travel companions (including on our Algarve trip) and met their gorgeous second daughter. And realised she wasn’t much younger than Minnie when we went on our first trip to Lanzarote.


Which reminded me of a few of the things I’ve forgotten about travelling (or just living) with a newborn… Continue reading