Review – my suitcase wish Lyst

The title of the blog gives away where most of my disposable income goes. If it’s not frittered away on childcare and clothes for my daughter, it’s earmarked for a flight or hotel or day trip.

But every now and then (especially when the bill for my tax return isn’t quite as big as expected), I like to pay some attention to my wardrobe. And with a three-year-old around, that means online shopping.


After four years of motherhood and pregnancy (and a variety of dress sizes), I’m finally starting to edge my way out of my practical mummy wardrobe rut too. Well, hopefully. At which point I came across LystContinue reading

City Tripping #11

Having kids doesn’t mean you can stop travelling. Having kids doesn’t even mean you have to stop travelling to cities.

The City Tripping blog linky for city travel - week 11But all the same, it’s nice to sneak off on a mini city break alone now and then, which is exactly what I did last week, heading to Winchester with one of my oldest friends to celebrate her birthday.

Visiting the beautiful cathedral, I could really appreciate all the intricate carvings and details, didn’t have to find a child-friendly place for lunch (and could warm up with mulled wine) and then had a chance to wander a bit through the city itself. Continue reading

A winter’s day at Winchester cathedral

Last time I went to Winchester cathedral, I was accompanied by a 17-month-old toddler, complete with her large buggy and her equally large insistence on testing out the acoustics of those phenomenal arched ceilings.

Winchester cathedral facade - 15 centuries of history, including Jane Austen's tomb

Apart from the mild embarrassment factor, we had a very fun day in this lovely city. But the chance to go back again, explore without an easily bored companion, and take another wander through the ancient streets? Yes please.

So when one of my oldest friends asked me to come out for the day with her and her husband to celebrate her birthday, I hopped straight on a train (oh the peace!) and enjoyed the frosty fields and blue skies on the way to Hampshire.
Continue reading

Book review: Fire Station Activity book and playset

I’m a big fan of getting something a bit extra when it comes to toys for my daughter – a double-sided jigsaw, a story which also has puzzles in, a book with a game included.

So when we were sent the Fire Station Activity book and playset from Parragon books, as our latest option to review, I had high hopes.

Review of the Fire Station Activity Book and Playset, as tested by my three-year-old. Our latest review from Parragon Books

We loved the Spot A Lot – Vehicles set a few months ago, and this looked like it would be along the same lines with a kit containing a book and something to do/make – perfect for a rainy afternoon (and there have been plenty of those.) Continue reading

Review: Story Box – Create Your Own Fairytales jigsaw

I am always slightly in awe of my daughter’s new-found imagination. And often a bit baffled by the long intricate tales she weaves featuring people, her toys and bits of plot nicked from CBeebies.

Story Box story jigsaw puzzle - my review of the game which allows you to make up your own stories

But even if I can’t quite keep up with the exploits of her various bears, I love to encourage this creative side, these flights of fancy before the world insists she sticks to what’s true.

So after picking up some story cards in Florida, I guessed that the Story Box: Create Your Own Fairytales puzzle would be a huge hit and give us both a helping hand to make up our own tales. Continue reading