The October round-up

I feel like I’ve had my nose to the grindstone throughout October, and that seems to be reflected in this month’s round-up – too much work and not enough shopping makes me a bit more concise.

But here’s my pick of the things I’ve bought, tried and added to my list as contenders for my suitcase in October.


As ever, do let me know your own top finds in the comments. Continue reading

Wow… new cheap flights to America

I’ve flown on most of the low-cost European airlines at one point or another – some I now avoid, others I’ll happily use again. For a cheap and cheerful escape, it’s great to keep the flight costs down.

So I was excited by the bargain fares to the USA with Norwegian, which I wrote about last year, tempting me to hop to New York without paying a fortune.


Now Icelandic airline WOW has got in on the act with £99 fares to Boston and Washington DC – cities I’ve visited and loved and would love to visit, respectively. But would I really fly long-haul low-cost with a toddler or child?  Continue reading

What type of skiing family are you?

I’ve only skied a handful of times in my life – for no reason other than not quite having time to fit in any more holidays on the slopes.

I’d love to learn properly, and having taken a few beginner lessons in Lapland, watching tiny kids slaloming happily, it looks like a great family option. Although I strongly suspect Minnie would be hurtling down the hills far more quickly and proficiently than me, which could be embarrassing.

We've been learning for three hours and can already go faster than you...

We’ve been learning for three hours and can already go faster than you…

That probably makes me après-ski mum. A few sessions on the snow, then plenty of time refuelling and defrosting as I watch my daughter showing off her skills.

So with a bit of inspiration from Ski Safari, I started thinking about the different types of ski families and what to remember when you’re booking… Continue reading

Thursday Travel Treat: Basilicata, Italy

I’ve been thinking about my most memorable travel experiences for a feature this week, and zip-wiring across a mountain valley in Italy is definitely up there at the top.

So this week’s #ThursdayTravelTreat on Instagram has to be Basilicata, where I tried the Volo dell’Angelo, or Flight of the Angel, as well as exploring the cave dwellings of Matera and the gorgeous mountain scenery.

Today's #thursdaytraveltreat takes us to #basilicata #italy for the #VolodellAngelo #zipwire across a #mountain valley in the #dolomites. Speeds of up to 90mph and the most incredible views! #adrenalinerush #basilicatagram #italia #flightoftheangel #castelmezzano #pietrapertosa

As ever, come and join in on Instagram with your own travel photo to brighten up October (and do link below in the comments). And yes, that’s me in the picture.


Salisbury with kids

Forget London, move over Manchester, bye bye Birmingham, because according to Lonely Planet, the only English (and UK) city to make it into the top 10 to visit in 2015 is… Salisbury.

I’ve been to Salisbury a couple of times, visiting the astonishing cathedral with the world’s oldest mechanical clock and one of the few remaining copies of the Magna Carta, celebrating its 800th anniversary next year.


But the last time I went was before Minnie was born, staying at the very funky Lazy Cow hotel with its fantastic steak restaurant – although I was on the mocktails at the time – and having a grown-up weekend of history, culture and wandering.

It’s only a short drive away, so would make an easy day out with a toddler though as on our Winchester jaunt. So what else is there to do with kids in Salisbury?   Continue reading