Lonely Planet: Travel with children

Will the youngest scream all the way through as 24-hour flight? Will the eldest still be able to gorge herself on fruit and avoid a tummy bug? Will you be able to go diving if the kids are in tow?

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or not, chances are at least one of those questions will have gone through your mind when planning trips with children. But as Lonely Planet’s new guide Travel With Children says, in answer to those very questions, ‘Stop worrying: nothing really stands in your way’.

child-sea-girl-beach-travelAll you need is a bit of know-how. And that’s what their new book aims to provide from basic advice to tackling journeys, health tips, holiday styles and a breakdown of destinations around the world. Because travel with children is not a single style – their age, their interests, the level of adventure you want (not to mention your own interests) will all determine where you go.
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Review: Little Life Frog Swimpak and Ultralight Dinosaur poncho towel

I wrote a few weeks ago about LittleLife’s Tiny Test team, asking for parents to join them as reviewers of some of the new products. And as an honorary member of the panel, I also got sent a couple of products to try out ourselves.

And arriving just in time for our holiday on the Isles of Scilly and many planned trips to the beach, the Frog SwimPak and the Ultralight Poncho Towel turned up on cue.


With Butterfly, Ladybird, Dinosaur, Clownfish and Bee options available, we went for the dinosaur as that’s a current mini obsession. Unpacking the brown towel, Minnie delighted exclaimed it was a Gruffalo – although after pointing out its prickles were red rather than purple, we settled on a stegosaurus. Either way, into the suitcase it went.
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Why I don’t travel without my credit card

Passport. Tickets. Money. The top three things on my packing list, although I sometimes think that just passport and money means the world is your metaphorical oyster.

And more and more these days, it’s not money but plastic that I pack. While I wouldn’t recommend putting thousands on your credit card, even to see the world, mine are still travel essentials.


TSB asked me to share my top benefits of using a credit card sensibly when travelling – here’s why.
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Amsterdam guide books for kids

Minnie might not be able to read just yet, but that doesn’t mean she’s not fascinated with guide books already – I still love the old-fashioned paperbacks where possible, and we’re getting a collection of sticker and lift-the-flap books about different countries of the world.

So when we were preparing for Amsterdam, along with my own Lonely Planet guide, I was sent two other books to review, both aimed at children.

Amsterdam guide books for kidsFirst, Kids’ Compass Amstedam: the ultimate family travel guide and secondly Hotel Kids Only: Amsterdam.
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Travel to the Isles of Scilly

In those travel Q&As, I’ve never understood the question about whether the journey or the destination is better. After all, who really goes, ah, those six hours stuck on the motorway were fabulous compared to the week at the beach at the end of it.

But occasionally I do get to do a journey which is such a part of the travel experience that the holiday really does begin when I board.

scilly-beach-aerial-viewAnd that’s exactly what happened with our recent trip with Isles of Scilly Travel, clambering into a tiny prop plane to speed over the Cornish coast and to St Mary’s.

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