Should families avoid hotels with adults-only areas?

Last night I was taking part in a twitter chat about top family travel tips – check out #holidaygems to see our collected wisdom – when one comment got me wondering.

Avoid hotels or resorts with adults-only sections, suggested one person, as it means families will be treated as second class.


It makes sense in a way – but it’s the complete opposite of what I’ve always thought.

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Thursday Travel Treat: Morocco

Blue skies are here – in photo form, at least. I love the fact that arriving in Morocco is like being transported into a completely different world, all the colours, sounds, smells, the fabulous decorations on the buildings, the history… Perfect for a #thursdaytraveltreat on Instagram.

And even better, it’s only a few hours away. I’ve been to Morocco a couple of times, to Marrakech, my own favourite Fes and the less visited Meknes. High up the wishlist for the future is Essaouira, especially thanks to the new flights.

I’ve yet to take Minnie, although the country has a reputation for being very family-friendly – let me know if you’ve taken your kids?

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Family days out: how to skip the queues

After writing about my top tips for visiting the Natural History Museum, I had several people telling me that picking the wrong time and battling queues and crowds had understandably put them off.

The tricky bit, of course, is finding out the less well-known entrances and perfect days to visit, without the trial and error.


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Family day out: Ham House, Surrey

You wait ages for a family day out, then two come at once. Having headed to the Natural History Museum to cheer up a cloudy grey day, when the sun briefly came out, I put my alternative good weather plan into action.


A trip to Ham House in Surrey, a National Trust property that’s only around half an hour away from me on the banks of the River Thames.

And while the main house itself was closed, the gardens and below stairs section were open – definitely the best bits to see with a toddler anyway.

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The Natural History Museum, London, with a toddler

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, there’s nothing like striking while the iron’s hot. So I braved the tube (far more successfully than last time) and we headed to the Natural History Museum, easily one of my favourite places for kids in London.


There’s already a huge difference in experience since our visit to the mammoth exhibition last summer, when Minnie was still small enough to want to be carried most of the time.

This time, I checked the buggy in to the cloakroom and ignoring my own tips on visiting with a toddler, we headed into the museum without a plan to see what we could see.

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