Touchdown Gran Canaria

Thank God for a welcome pack of essentials waiting for us in the villa. Especially the red wine.

Having made our way through the flight with a non-napping toddler, sorted hire cars, wrangled unfamiliar car seats,  navigated along a couple of dark twisty roads and found the villa, it was far too late to worry about dinner.


But a ham sandwich and a glass of wine can go a long way… especially when even your first views of Gran Canaria are this lovely.

And especially when you wake up to an equally lovely view…


Day 1 has been a fairly low-key day, restocking the fridge, unpacking and trying to restore a bit of routine for the overtired overexcited two and four-year-olds. The 10-month-old took it in her stride!


Day 2… we start exploring.

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Pre-trip countdown to Gran Canaria

Phew. The last few days before a trip always seem to be a whirl of last-minute organisation and mild chaos. Needless to say, I haven’t packed yet and have a zillion confirmations to print out but in 48 hours, I’ll be touching down in Gran Canaria.

The pre-trip planning is pretty much done, including plenty of family-friendly activities in Gran Canaria.


The French air traffic controllers have helpfully postponed their extra strike days, and I’m ready to check in for our flight with Norwegian tomorrow, the first time I’ve flown with the airline.
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Five things to do with kids in Orlando

Around three quarters of a million British tourists visit Orlando every year and it was voted the world’s second-most child-friendly destination in 2014 (pipped only by Cornwall).

But although Minnie has been to America twice in two years, we haven’t actually made it to this slice of Florida despite there being plenty of easy ways to book packages, such as holidays in Orlando with Holiday Genie.


So here are my top five family-friendly attractions in Orlando. Continue reading

Family day out: The Superworm trail at Wendover Woods

Superworm is superlong, Superworm is superstrong, watch him wriggle, see him squirm, hip hip hooray it’s Superworm – and his very own woodland trail.

Following on from the success of the Gruffalo walks around the country, the Forestry Commission has added a new Julia Donaldson theme to the trees this summer… Superworm.


I hadn’t actually come across Superworm before – we love all Donaldson’s books and have loads at home, but there are so many I haven’t begun to complete the set – but a walk in the woods sounded a good plan regardless.

And at Wendover Woods in Buckinghamshire, our nearest trail, there’s still a Gruffalo looking out to the horizon so I figured Minnie would have fun finding him even if she was unimpressed by worms. Continue reading

What to do in Gran Canaria with kids

My next trip is just around the corner and I can’t wait. It seems like forever (I know, four months) since I’ve been on a plane, and even longer since I felt some real sunshine – despite the weather’s efforts this week.

This time, we’re heading to Gran Canaria. Although I’ve travelled to Lanzarote half a dozen times, several with Minnie, and to Tenerife before that, this is a Canary Island I haven’t explored before.


As with the others, there’s also a lot more to it than the old-fashioned reputation of high-rise hotels and towels on the loungers at dawn. That goes for families too – here are my 16 things to do in Gran Canaria with kids. Continue reading