Coram’s Fields: Play park in central London

London is full of hidden spaces, especially unexpected green areas – gardens in squares, mini wildernesses tucked away and parks even in the heart of Zone 1.

One of the play areas at Coram's Fields - a free park and playground, with city farm in central LondonBut unless you have kids (and perhaps even then), you probably won’t have come across Coram’s Fields. Not least because you’re not allowed in unless you’re visiting with a child.

I first came across it a couple of years ago, and it’s been on my vague plan of days out since then. Now Minnie’s a bit older, I thought it would be great to combine with the British Museum and the perfect option to let her run off some energy. So that’s exactly what we did. Continue reading

Night out at Hawker House Street Feast, London

With a three-year-old and few babysitting opportunities costing less than £50 per night, it’s safe to say my husband and I go out less (together) than we used to. So when we do, it’s fun to push the boat out a bit.

Last weekend, with only the most cryptic clues to let me dress appropriately, my surprise night out did, unexpectedly, start with pushing the boat out – well, hopping on board one of the boats running along the Thames as we headed east along the river.

Hawker House Street feast in London - my night out at the food festival meets street food eventI’d read about Hawker House Street Feast for the first time on last week’s City Tripping linky, courtesy of Just Go Places. So when I discovered the London pop up-meets-food festival was our destination, my mouth was already watering.
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Best places to see snowdrops

We’ve got daffodils blooming in our garden and there are buds on the trees – something I can’t quite wrap my head around, given that it’s only February.

Normally at this time of year, the only flowers on my radar are snowdrops. And reminded by Mini Travellers’ day out at Rode Hall’s snowdrop walk I’ve decided to ignore the crazy weather and pretend Spring hasn’t already sprung.

Snowdrops blooming in spring. My list of the best places to see snowdropsHelpfully, the National Trust has published its own list of the best places to see snowdrops, including more than 300 different varieties at Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire. I have to admit I didn’t know there were that many varieties. So here’s my pick from their properties across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Continue reading

A winter’s day at Winchester cathedral

Last time I went to Winchester cathedral, I was accompanied by a 17-month-old toddler, complete with her large buggy and her equally large insistence on testing out the acoustics of those phenomenal arched ceilings.

Winchester cathedral facade - 15 centuries of history, including Jane Austen's tomb

Apart from the mild embarrassment factor, we had a very fun day in this lovely city. But the chance to go back again, explore without an easily bored companion, and take another wander through the ancient streets? Yes please.

So when one of my oldest friends asked me to come out for the day with her and her husband to celebrate her birthday, I hopped straight on a train (oh the peace!) and enjoyed the frosty fields and blue skies on the way to Hampshire.
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15 Free things to do in Cornwall with kids

Family holidays aren’t always cheap, even if you stay in the UK. But even in Cornwall, one of the most popular parts of the country for family holidays, you can find plenty to do which won’t cost a penny.

The top 15 free things to do in Cornwall with kids - including the gorgeous beaches along two coasts

Whether you’re heading to the coast or exploring inland, it’s one of my favourite places to holiday – with some very tempting cottages from Stay in Cornwall giving me plenty of family-friendly places to stay too, plus some more ideas of where to visit.

So here are my top 15 free things to do in Cornwall with kids. Continue reading