Reviewed: Potter’s Resort, Suffolk

Say the words ‘holiday camp’ and I expect you already have a picture in your head. Say ‘holiday village’ and there aren’t quite as many connotations.

Say five-star holiday village, and you start to get intrigued. So when I was invited to review Potter’s Resort, I couldn’t help wondering what it was like today, almost 95 years after the first holiday camp on the site was built (yes, that’s before Butlins).


Set in 65 acres on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, it’s in the right place for a traditional seaside break but with the emphasis on what’s included apart from the location.

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How to avoid queuing for US immigration

How to avoid standing in those soul-sapping queues for US immigration? Option 1: Become an American.


That does entail a lot of paperwork so thankfully it looks like one day there might be an option 2 courtesy of a new app. Continue reading

Bounce festival family day out

You’ve got to love toddler logic. If we were going to Bounce Festival, Minnie reasoned it must be full of people jumping up and down.

Not quite the case, although she made up for it with a mini trampoline. But there was a singing walrus (puppet), a meetkat and skunk, colouring, a huge chair swing, real live sheep and best of all, Peppa Pig.


From a two-year-old’s point of view, it probably doesn’t get much better than that, especially when she got free ice cream along the way.

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Back to Lanzarote

Whether you’d call it spontaneous or last-minute lack of organisation, I rarely seem to arrange things more than a month or so in advance.

But for once I’ve broken with tradition and booked flights for a holiday (which will doubtless have a side of work) in November/December.


Minnie and I will be heading back to Lanzarote for her third visit for a spot of sun (hopefully), tapas and maybe the occasional volcano. Continue reading

Hug a bunny at Easton Farm Park

August by the seaside… I was imagining blue skies, Minnie building sandcastles with her ‘big’ cousin (aged three and a half), catching up with my pregnant sister-in-law over ice cream.

But this, of course, is Britain. And that was before I’d accounted for Bertha (former hurricane, merely a tropical storm by the time it hit the UK).


So we ditched the plans to hit the beach and the six of us headed to Easton Farm Park, a tip from Twitter (thank you Twitter) that I’d picked up a day or two earlier. Honestly, I think that should have been plan A all along. Continue reading