Help! I need somebody (on my travels)

I am a worrier. I try to convince myself that planning for all eventualities is simply common sense when you travel with kids but it could well be a huge waste of energy.

Especially because none of us travels in isolation. I’ve fretted that anything less than perfect behaviour from Minnie on a plane could bring out the worst in people, but in reality most travellers are much lovelier than we give them credit for.


When faced with a woman travelling with a small child and lots of luggage, most people don’t curse and snarl, they offer to help. I’ve had buggies and bags carried up and down stairs, I’ve had kind-hearted strangers hold and entertain Minnie as I wrestle with X-ray machines and overhead lockers. Continue reading

Thursday Travel Treat: Provincetown, USA

On November 11, 1620, the Mayflower anchored at Provincetown Harbor. There’s plenty of debate about when the first Thanksgiving took place in Plymouth Colony but it seems the appropriate subject of today’s #thursdaytraveltreat on Instagram.

In honour of #thanksgiving, today's #thursdaytraveltreat comes from #provincetown in #massachusetts part of the original #plymouth #colony where the first celebration took place. #ptown #harbour #boats #capecod #usa #pilgrims #latergram

One of my last pre-pregnancy trips, I visited the Cape Cod harbour town along with Boston and Philadelphia in 2011. The sun was still shining in October as we took a dune tour, wandered the unfeasibly picturesque streets, climbed the tower and ate saltwater taffy and lobster.

Time your visit right and you can take a ferry straight from Boston, which has to be the most enjoyable way to travel there (and often them quickest).

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Thursday Travel Treat: Japan

Japan might not be the first winter destination that springs to mind, but my visit in January 2007 was amazing – clear blue skies, few tourists and so much to see, even in Kyoto and Tokyo alone. So that’s today’s #thursdaytraveltreat on Instagram.

Temples and a glimpse of a geisha in Gion, discovering quirky Harajuku and exploring Tokyo with a local on a free Greeter walk, incredible sushi and mysterious snacks where we were never quite sure what we were going to get. I loved it.

Today's #thursdaytraveltreat comes from #Japan - not the first winter destination to spring to mind but my #january trip had fantastic clear #bluesky as we explored. The #goldenpavilion #temple, #kinkaju-ji in #kyoto is stunning with its #reflection in the #lake #nofilter #latergram

And while speeding between cities on the bullet train and seeing Tokyo’s futuristic skyline is part of the experience, it’s the history and culture I remember best. I could gaze for hours at Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto’s golden pavilion temple, reflected in the water.

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MummyTravels has been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2015. If you enjoy reading (or just have two minutes to kill), please vote for me in the Travel and Lifestyle categories. Thank you!

Walking and water parks: the new Canary Islands

Regular readers know I’m a fan of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote especially. From the vineyards of La Geria to Tenerife’s green north, the volcanoes of Timanfaya and Teide, the reputation of sunburned Brits eating all-day breakfasts is distinctly out of date.


Admittedly you can still find that if you try, but you’re more likely to come across five-star family-friendly hotels, marinas with designer shops, gorgeous sand dunes (black and gold) and traditional culture, including the impressive carnival at Santa Cruz.

So after a day speaking to tourist boards and independent tour operators today, I wasn’t surprised to find some interesting news for both Tenerife and Gran Canaria, somewhere I’ve not yet visited but on the list as a possible holiday destination for next year.

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MummyTravels’ guide to St Lucia with kids

Once I’d dismissed the Caribbean as the picture postcard cliché of palm-fringed white sand beaches (not that there’s anything wrong with those). But having visited a few islands, that couldn’t be further from the truth, especially on St Lucia.

With a long history of making chocolate, adrenaline activities in the rainforest, gorgeous fishing villages and markets along with watersports and a ‘drive-in volcano’ in the Soufriere hills, there’s a huge amount to discover.

Something the islands do share is a love of kids, so I’ve never felt less than welcome anywhere with Minnie, and St Lucia is no exception. Here are my top tips for travelling with children – as ever, do add your own tips and suggestions in the comments. Continue reading