Visiting Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

I wish they’d had museums like Eureka! when I was growing up. Back then, the emphasis was on education but I’m not sure anyone expected us to be entertained – with the possible exception of the Natural History Museum (because who isn’t entertained by a huge dinosaur skeleton).

Now the emphasis is far more on the interactive, and educating through enjoyment. Never more so than at a museum aimed specifically at children.


In fact, all the exhibits at The National Children’s Museum, in Halifax, are designed to inspire children aged 11 and under to learn about themselves and the world. Continue reading

Bear picnics and Dalmatians at Packwood House, Warwickshire

It seems wrong to decide to visit somewhere simply because it’s in the right place to break a car journey with a toddler. But frankly if I’d spent hours pouring over maps and websites, I couldn’t have picked somewhere much better than Packwood House.

A National Trust property, it’s set in Warwickshire just outside Solihull. And like so many of England’s historic houses, it’s fabulous.

Even better, they’ve come up with some clever ideas to keep kids entertained too, so much so that the colouring and crafts on offer in the Family Den were abandoned for exploring the house and gardens.

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An unexpected bear hunt

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise.

Well, if you go to the kitchen garden at Packwood House, near Solihull, you can certainly find teddy bears having a picnic.


And Dalmatians. And yew avenues. And bee baskets. Full review to come…

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Reviewed: Verulamium Spa, St Albans

I don’t have tense shoulders exactly. I have enormously knotted tense shoulders.

Unfortunately the creator of some of the tension (including physically lugging her about) is also the reason that I don’t get anywhere near as many massages these days.


Because by the time I’ve found the time, sorted childcare, booked it, rushed to have the treatment, it’s not much of a relaxing treat any more. But a spa with a crèche? Now there’s a good idea. Continue reading

Reviewed: Potter’s Resort, Suffolk

Say the words ‘holiday camp’ and I expect you already have a picture in your head. Say ‘holiday village’ and there aren’t quite as many connotations.

Say five-star holiday village, and you start to get intrigued. So when I was invited to review Potter’s Resort, I couldn’t help wondering what it was like today, almost 95 years after the first holiday camp on the site was built (yes, that’s before Butlins).


Set in 65 acres on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, it’s in the right place for a traditional seaside break but with the emphasis on what’s included apart from the location.

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