Reviewed: Lonely Planet’s World Search books

There are two things I’m quickly becoming convinced are essential for travel with children.

Firstly, some kind of activity book (stickers/lift-the-flap) to entertain on journeys. And secondly, something to excite them about the trip from board books set in the destination for toddlers to kid-friendly guides. lonely-planet-world-search-review

So the new Lonely Planet’s World Search covers both those options rather nicely. Aimed at five-year-olds and above, the books are designed to help children learn more about places, people and cultures.

Not that they’d guess it’s educational… Bright colours, over 50 lift-the-flap sections, extra stickers, a list of items to spot somewhere throughout the book. To be honest, I’m having trouble restraining myself from playing around with my review copy all day.


The topics include Amazing Jobs (flying doctor or Bollywood actor, anyone?) and Incredible Animals but my favourite for future world travellers is Busy Places, featuring Rio, Paris, Marrakech, New York, Sydney and Shanghai – plus a useful bonus if you’re whiling away time in departures of Heathrow airport.


They’re all priced £9.99 and available now from the Lonely Planet shop.

2 thoughts on “Reviewed: Lonely Planet’s World Search books

    • It’s a very cute idea. I suppose the destinations try to give a mini world overview – where else would you have picked for Africa? I could imagine a long weekend there with my daughter before too long (and some companies do toddler tours to Morocco) so perhaps not the strangest destination for kids. Although if it weren’t focusing on individual cities, Egypt would be another great one to inspire future travellers.

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