Designer duffelcoats from Cololo

Yes, once again, kids’ clothes seem more fun than the grown-ups – I suspect I could be persuaded round to the idea of a duffel coat if it came in orange or yellow or red…

New kidswear range Cololo launched a couple of weeks ago, with a customisable duffel coat collection for children aged six monthscololo-duffel-coat-kidswear to five years.

The idea is to offer classic design but in a range of bright colours.

And I love the fact it’s unisex – I suspect you won’t get many little boys in the pink version, but it does annoy me when brands imply that red, yellow, green, orange and purple should ‘belong’ to one gender or another.

There’s also blue and navy options, while you can add badges and trims to make the coats more individual, such as a car, dinosaur, flower or gingerbread man.

Made from 70% wool, they’ve got a quilted lining so should be lovely and warm through the winter, and I suspect they’ll put a smile on everyone’s face on the greyest dreariest mornings.

Priced from £45, they’re not the cheapest option, but they do sound a quality one, so perhaps a better buy for older children who won’t be out of them in two months (or if there’s younger siblings/cousins who’ll be able to get more wear out of them too).

Bottom line – they’re cute!