Snowsuit for Scandinavia

Perhaps it’s because I’ve only really visited the northernmost, coldest parts of Scandinavia – Iceland and Finnish Lapland – that I tend to assume it’s going to be cooooooooold.

marks-spencer-fur-flower-snowsuitAccording to the weather forecast, Copenhagen is set to be all of a couple of degrees cooler than London (about the same as at my parents’ in Staffordshire) for my visit.¬†Even better, it’s probably going to rain less than the UK.

The outlook for the end of the week is probably still a bit unreliable, although I’m crossing my fingers for the predicted highs of 13-15C.

Either way, I suspect I didn’t need to rush out and buy this new snowsuit with faux fur trimmed hood from M&S for Minnie after all. Cute though.





Image courtesy of Marks & Spencer


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