Snowsuit for Scandinavia

Perhaps it’s because I’ve only really visited the northernmost, coldest parts of Scandinavia – Iceland and Finnish Lapland – that I tend to assume it’s going to be cooooooooold.

marks-spencer-fur-flower-snowsuitAccording to the weather forecast, Copenhagen is set to be all of a couple of degrees cooler than London (about the same as at my parents’ in Staffordshire) for my visit. Even better, it’s probably going to rain less than the UK.

The outlook for the end of the week is probably still a bit unreliable, although I’m crossing my fingers for the predicted highs of 13-15C.

Either way, I suspect I didn’t need to rush out and buy this new snowsuit with faux fur trimmed hood from M&S for Minnie after all. Cute though.





Image courtesy of Marks & Spencer