Would you let your child choose your holiday?

Those days when children were seen and not heard? Gone, it seems. Especially when it comes to travel, more than ever they’re seen, heard and obeyed by willing (knackered?) parents.

One in five mums and dads let their kids pick the holiday destination, while 45% choose a beach getaway to keep their kids happy and 51% picked self-catering so they could cook food their children liked, according to the Post Office Family Holiday report.

But I want to go to Mexico!

But I want to go to Mexico!

Over a third even returned to the same place because the kids liked it rather than because they wanted to.

I’m all for including children in decisions, making them feel part of the trip and ensuring they’re going to have fun as well (because if they don’t, no-one will). But letting them have the final say? Only if they’re paying for it too…

Apart from anything, kids can only base their decisions on the experiences so far, and apart from the occasional one who’s eyeing up travel sites rather than IM-ing their mates, you’ve probably got a better idea of what’s out there.

You’ve certainly got a better idea of your budget, and the report discovered (unsurprisingly) that giving children the final say pushed up holiday costs, including extras on the beach from ice creams to pedalo rides, plus entrance to water or theme parks.

I’ve no doubt I pestered my parents for ice creams galore, but I certainly don’t remember them every sitting down and checking with my brother and I where we fancied going. Given my then shaky grasp of geography, that’s probably a good thing for many reasons.

As the world has shrunk over the intervening decades, and the options for families have increased, there’s even more choice around.

So when Minnie’s old enough, will I involve her in our holiday planning? Of course. Will I make sure she’s going to have a good time as well? Obviously. Will I leave it up to her to pick? No chance.

Or am I being hopelessly naïve?


Image: the justified sinner/Flickr