Christmas comes early at Amazon

The sun is blazing gloriously outside, tomorrow’s temperatures are predicted to be the highest of the year so far, and I’m thinking about Christmas…

No, I’m not one of those annoyingly organised people who has all their presents bought and wrapped by September but this time of year sees all the big retail and lifestyle brands showcasing their new products and gift suggestions for December.

And I was invited along to Amazon’s event where, as ever, they had an enormous array of pretty much everything (pet food, who knew?) including plenty of family and travel options.

The biggest trend I spotted was the way grown-up gadgets are getting incorporated into kids’ products – not exactly new, but definitely becoming more common. amazon-ipotty-baby-technology-ipad

Apart from the headline-grabbing iPotty, with a special attachment to hold your iPad (if I ever get an iPad, I’m convinced I’d want it in proximity to a potty-training toddler), there’s a Fisher-Price iPhone Apptivity Gym, where you slot the phone in for the baby to watch as it plays.

Or the brand also has a Laugh & Learn iPhone Apptivity Case, which holds and protects (hopefully) the phone as well as having a teething rattle surround. Dribble stays on the outside, and the baby can play with their own apps along with the usual hand-eye co-ordination bonuses.

I can’t quite decide whether this is just the way of the future or if babies should be able to manage fine without Apple and its apps… but I can see this one multitasking away while you’re travelling.

The same goes for the crayon-style GreatShield Chalkee Kids Stylus for the Kindle Fire (in blue and pink) which can be used to draw and write on the tablet’s screen as well as being gentler on the screen than small pointy fingers.

amazon-foppapedretti-myo-tronic-buggyAnd while Bugaboo has had an iPhone dock among its many accessories for a while, Cosatto’s Supa Stroller has an MP3 iPod attachment in the hood with a removable pocket speaker.

Of course, if you prefer your technology to rev, you’ll love the Foppapedretti Myo Tronic Pushchair/Stroller with electric motor. Yep, press down the buttons on the handles and it races forwards (you can adjust the speed) in faintly unnerving fashion – although I am pretty sure my husband would be at the front of the queue apart from the price tag.

More practically, it’s got various reclining positions so suitable from birth, front and rear-facing and has a very small basket.

But when you’re speeding home, who cares about the shopping?



Images courtesy of Amazon