Follow the Paddington trail

Pack your marmalade sandwiches (duffel coats optional). 50 Paddington bear statues are coming to London as part of a new Paddington trail.


Launching from October, to tie in with the new film release in November, there’ll be bears dotted around museums, parks, landmarks and shops including Paddington’s own favourite places in London. Continue reading

London underground – using the tube with kids

If you’re visiting London, whether that’s a day trip or a longer break, you’ll find yourself on public transport at some point.

And as you can no longer use cash on any Transport for London buses from July 2014, the easiest and cheapest way to get around is using an Oyster card.


So if you’re baffled by the thought of using the world’s oldest underground system, here are my top 10 tips on travelling on the tube with children.

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Pontins August breaks from £99

If you’re booking a family holiday, all the advice will tell you to get in early before the school holiday bargains are snapped up – something I’d normally agree with.


But if you haven’t booked, or do fancy an extra weekend away by the sea, I’ve got a special discount code to get three nights at Pontins from £99 per family.

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Travelling with teens

The teenage years seem a long way off – but with two years having flown by already, I half expect to blink, wake up and discover Minnie is suddenly 15…


So perhaps I should start gathering tips on teen travel now. Fortunately, Kerry Fisher, mum to two teenagers and author of The School Gate Survival Guide, has come up with some advice on how to handle holidays when a pool and beach won’t cut it any more and all your ideas are boooooooooring.

Here are her six of the best tips.

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Child car seats – how safe is yours?

It’s been an expensive week… Along with all the birthday spending for Minnie, her trusty car seat has suddenly started to seem a little unreliable.


It was passed on by friends (although second-hand isn’t normally recommended, we knew there was no issue with damage) so I suppose I can’t complain at finally having to fork out. But who wouldn’t rather fritter £150 on something else than a replacement MaxiCosi Axiss, even if it was on offer?

But while it seems fine most of the time – only occasionally failing to click into place the first time you swivel it round – I’m not prepared to take the risk. Imagine an accident and a slightly worn part meaning she was hurt as a result? (Actually, I can’t even bear to imagine it).

As if to hammer it all home, Which? has released the results of its new undercover investigation which found that 90% of staff at 42 stores across the UK failed to fit car seats correctly.

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