Reviewed: Little Clever 21 Animal Puzzles app

Everything has its moment for Minnie. One day a particular animal is flavour of the hour, another time she wants to do drawing over and over.

At the moment, it’s puzzles, including her first jigsaw and some multi-piece wooden options. Fantastic for keeping her entertained and improving motor skills, not so good for travel. Unless you get a kick out of picking lots and lots of pieces up off the floor.


Into the breach however steps a new app, Little Clever 21 Animal Puzzles, created by the friend of a friend of mine and aimed at pre-schoolers. Continue reading

Bigger baggage allowance for Thai Airways

Never knowingly underpacked, it says in my blog bio. I do not lie. Before Minnie, I’ve been known to pack more pairs of shoes than I’m spending days in the destination.

After Minnie, my overseas footwear choices have been cut drastically but the suitcases are still bulging thanks to tiny infant luggage allowances, clothes, nappies, toys etc etc.


So, suddenly, free hold baggage limits are one of my key criteria for choosing an airline (along with price, flight time, airport options and the fact they’re not Ryanair).

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The September round-up

I can hardly believe it’s almost October – which means that a blink of the eye after writing my first round-up it’s time for the next one.

So here’s September’s collection of the things I’ve bought, tried and added to my shopping list as contenders for my suitcase.


As ever, do add your own top finds in the comments. Continue reading

Airport nightmares

I never quite relax at an airport until I’m through security – being the kind of person who frets easily, I hate even imagining the worst case scenario of missing the flight.

Of course, I’ve come close – once en route to Copenhagen where a misremembered time and several planes leaving together meant we made the gate at a run with seconds to spare.

Another time a hold-up on the roads, an attempted shortcut and a satnav that was constantly several minutes behind meant my husband and I had to abandon the car in the short-stay car park right by the airport entrance in order to make check-in.

The tension as we frantically tried to get there in time came flooding right back when I saw KLM’s new advert – why did we ask your brother? The kind of nightmare journey where you can see your longed-for holiday end before it starts.

The airline is promoting the fact it has airports in 15 cities around the UK – and while I’m lucky enough to live close to several major airports, the shiver going down my spine makes me think I’d do a lot to avoid a stressed-out motorway journey like that!

MummyTravels’ guide to Copenhagen with kids

When you’re planning a family-friendly city break, Copenhagen might not be the first place you think of. But Scandinavia is perfect for travel with children.

Expect well-organised attractions, buggy-friendly entrances, decent changing facilities and an egalitarian attitude which means kids are usually as welcome as adults in this child-friendly city.

Obligatory photo of Nyhavn

Obligatory photo of Nyhavn

Most of my tips and experiences are aimed at travel with a toddler or young child, but do add your own suggestions for older kids in the comments. Continue reading