The top nine free summer days out in Devon with kids

With cream teas and paddling high on the agenda, my parents, brother, sister-in-law and gorgeous nephew managed to escape to Devon for a week last month.

As ever, when other people travel pretty much anywhere, I came over all green eyed and started remembering how gorgeous the county is (not just the cream teas) and how I really should arrange a trip back.


With most of August already booked up, it’s going to have to wait a little longer, but if you’re going to be nearby, Visit Devon has rather helpfully come up with a list of its top free summer days out, perfect for the school holidays. Continue reading

Adding some ginger: Gin gins travel sweets

I don’t suppose there’s ever a good time to get food poisoning/a virus. But whatever it is that’s left me feeling wobbly and nauseous today, its timing is rubbish.

As I’m simultaneously feeling too feeble to do much thanks to a lack of food but not actually up to eating, I’ve been sucking my way through my stash of Gin gins.


No actual gin involved but there is plenty of ginger which has been settling the queasy waves a treat.
Continue reading

Summer make-up: lip and cheek tints and sticks

If you read this blog, you’ll know I’m a sucker for a multitasking product – ticks the ‘good for travel’ box, as it won’t take up much room, and the ‘quick and easy’ box when a toddler is yelling ‘mummymummymummymummy’ as you try to apply it.

It’s also something of an essential for me as I seem to have practically no natural colour in my cheeks, especially after a few broken nights.


Not me, alas

In a pinch, I’ve resorted to smearing Clinique Chubby Sticks all over when I’ve caught sight of myself in an airport after a long flight, but there are more targeted options out there… Continue reading

Isle of Wight in luxury

Travelling with kids does not always mean you’re limited to a budget break. But when you factor in the extra travel, a bit of homegrown luxury could have a smaller price tag.


So I love the new pocket guide to the Isle of Wight, Island Luxe 2014, with tips on everything from fabulous family-friendly places to stay to foodie hotspots, including one featuring fish, chips and the opportunity to graffiti the ceiling. Continue reading

The ice cream guide to Cornwall

I do not want to complain about the sunshine. But oof it’s hot. I’m constantly fighting a slightly distracted brain, which is mostly thinking about ice cream.

ice cream

Fortunately, we have some Cornish ice cream left in the freezer from Minnie’s birthday, so that solves that problem.

Even better would be to be in Cornwall with an ice cream. If you’re luckier than me, today I came across a map of the best places to enjoy your cone from local brand Kelly’s of Cornwall, including the county’s ice cream parlours, woodlands and beaches. Continue reading